Ronkeslens is 3

Happy new year guys!

I have been gone for so long and I apologise for ghosting you. I didn’t want today to go without acknowledging my blog’s anniversary.

I am currently responding to emails non stop and have a brief to complete but I needed to take a break to talk to you.

This January has been extremely busy but I plan on being intentional about the blog this year so no excuses. I want to be on my way home and randomly blog about something I saw and would like to share. I also want to think about some pieces thoroughly before putting it up here.

It seems I completely forgot what this blog was about last year and developed imposter syndrome even for my platform. Things will be better going forward.

Friends and family encouraged me to keep blogging but I told them I needed the break. I just reinstalled the WordPress app on my phone and I realised that I had only 6 posts last year.

You see, last year was amazing and very weird for me. This is not me making excuses for the abandonment, it is unacceptable. I however strongly believe something like blogging or at least the way Ronkeslens is structured takes a casual approach. I started to feel like it was a burden and I didn’t want such reflections in my writing.

I think I am in a good place now and I am ready to start writing here again.

Expect to see me here regularly henceforth. I am trying this new thing where I take accountability for my actions. I pay for this blog and I will use my money’s worth for this year and the one I wasted last year.

I will be back shortly with another blog, thank you for reading and see you soon, it’s a promise ❤️.

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