• Incredible 2022

    I honestly don’t know what to say about this year. I have been blessed, cried, depressed, extremely happy and gone through it all this year. I learnt some life lessons this year and thought to share. If you ever find feel undervalued, the best thing you can for yourself is to remove your self from… Continue reading

  • Ronkeslens is 3

    Happy new year guys! I have been gone for so long and I apologise for ghosting you. I didn’t want today to go without acknowledging my blog’s anniversary. I am currently responding to emails non stop and have a brief to complete but I needed to take a break to talk to you. This January… Continue reading

  • Blogiversary

    I’ve had a million things on my mind since the beginning of year. The year has been quite interesting if I am being honest. I can’t believe all the drama I have experienced actively and passively. I am positive that this would be an amazing year with so many wins for me. This morning on… Continue reading

  • One year on the road

    I embarked on a journey last year. I didn’t know what to expect on the road but I needed to fill a void. This journey was needed to help me grow. The passengers I’ve picked up on the road have all played a part in this journey. Isn’t it strange how different parts can come… Continue reading