Dating social experiments (BLUE THERAPY)

In the past decade or so, I have grown to love watching different social experiments and I am convinced they are my top types of tv shows to watch. I find them entertaining, engaging and a learning curve towards viewing and approaching the dating scene among millennials . Some of the dating social experiments I’ve watched in the past are love is blind, dating in the dark, too hot to handle, love island, naked attraction etc.

The latest social experiment that everyone cannot stop talking about is blue therapy and of course I really enjoyed the show and I found myself recommending it anyone that cared to listen.

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 First, let me start by saying, I enjoyed the series, and it is exactly the kind of content I enjoy. It highlights the millennial dating life of two black couples. The influence of culture, hustle, ambition, self-worth, social media, and how they impact relationships. From their story it is clear that love is not enough, and communication and effort is very essential for the growth of any relationship but that is not news.

I personally don’t understand the concept of having your therapy sessions broadcasted for the world to see but I guess that was the point of the social experiment, to test this concept and approach to therapy.  I know reality show stars film their private lives all the time but this particular one although very entertaining and engaging was quite intimate and sensitive. Therapy makes you vulnerable and makes you reflective. we watched these people become vulnerable and overly sensitive; I just couldn’t understand the motive for filming it publicly. 

At a point, I thought it was fake or staged if you may, but it did seem realistic too so I’m not sure. The aftermath bothered me a little. I feel the interviewer was a bit biased and was quick to support the females in a way. I didn’t get that from Denise, the therapist.  Don’t get me started on the follow up interview Paul had in the Mercedes. That lady had no business interviewing him. 

It is not my place to speak on the couple’s relationships but one thing I can say is they weren’t compatible, and it is clear they all wanted different things. In my opinion, somethings shouldn’t have been said. Also, we didn’t need to have inputs from friends and family.

The takeaway from the series is, it revealed different expectations from relationships and the reaction for either achieving it or not. Additionally, it points out the impact of therapy and how it can help people communicate better. Should this have been a private thing? In my opinion yes but the people that went on the show now have a bigger platform to leverage on and promote their businesses so it’s a win for everyone.

I commend the participants for being brave and sharing this experiment with the public and the producers deserve an applause for this entertainment. I hope there is another season. Well Paul, one of the characters on the show has just released a video on his Instagram claiming it was all just acting after all. I lowkey don’t believe him entirely because he has been getting bad publicity since and this might be a pr stunt to salvage his image.  Whatever the case is, I wish all the cast member’s good luck.

The big question is, would you ever participate in a social experiment like this? To answer the question, I wouldn’t cause I am a private person. I would like to know your thoughts, please leave a comment below and thank you for reading.

2 responses to “Dating social experiments (BLUE THERAPY)”

  1. I really enjoyed watching blue Therapy,God helped me am not destructive,maybe my TV would have been gone cos i could stand Paul and Even Deborah. It was staged,like you said its a win win situation here and i applaud all the cast on this one it was so good.
    Would i do this,For the Money and Publicity i will, am a business person,so yes i will at the end of the day, you have to know me to judge me,if you think Paul is what he showed us, well date him to know.. lastly there’s no goo or bad Publicity trust me…💯


    1. I trust you, business oriented madam. Paul stressed my life 😂😂. Deborah and Jamel too. I enjoyed this show more than I can admit to anyone. Thanks for the comment sis.


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