Caught Off Guard Again

I get very erratic when the time of the month approaches. It is like a possession. From random cravings to mood swings, pain in the boobies, anxiety, depression, bloating, stomach pain and just a combination of bad vibes that throws you off completely. I’m sure a lot of women can relate to this. Eve, what have you done? 🤦🏽‍♀️

If any guy is reading this, I’m sure you’re wondering, why? It is known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Each woman’s symptoms is different and can vary every month. I listed some symptoms earlier but some others symptoms include headaches, change in appetite and sex drive, fatigue etc. There are some scientific explanations about hormones and how it works to justify the PMS. Pls, google it to read up more about it.

Source: google images

I was experiencing one of those weird moods today. I was not sad about anything in particular but I was not happy either and I was in an irritable state.

Taking a nap helps which I did but adulting must continue unfortunately. This was a weekend and it was my opportunity to get some chores done and run some errands. I had get out of bed eventually.

I decided to do my food shop because the plan was to eat healthy the following week. I have been trying to adopt a more healthy lifestyle but it has been more challenging than I anticipated.

On my way to the shop, I was convinced that I needed snacks from Greggs immediately. Where is this coming from? The thought of donuts consumed me. How did I go from a healthy food shop errand to thinking of Greggs snacks?

After eating everything I bought which I am too embarrassed to declare, I got so sad and angry at myself for eating so much. The day had been a roller coaster of emotions. Then, I remembered that I had been tricked once again. It was a like solving a puzzle. The moodiness, bloating, unexplained craving, PMS had snuck up on me as usual. How does it manage to catch me off guard always?

I didn’t get to do my food shop that day but I did two days after. Thank you for reading and we will catch up later.

Yum 🤤

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