The Dream

I wear a smile as I am being seduced by thoughts of my dream.
This big dream scares me.
I know I can do it but the fear of failure engulfs me.

I made a decision to stop dreaming.
It is time to give myself a chance.
The start line is blurry and I’m shaken.
But the road to the dream entices me.

The first step is not so scary.
Everything is working as imagined.
I begin to feel untouchable.
I’m filled with courage and strength as I toil and toil to achieve my dream.
I panic and fear creep in.

Every day, I drift away from my dream.

Is this dream too big to achieve?
This thought keeps me up all night.
I am getting defeated by my dream,
society and my thoughts.
The attacks are now too personal.
I shut out the world and wallow in my mystery.
Nothing makes sense anymore.


I begin to block out the noise.
My mind reminds me of my dream.
I search for a tribe to strengthen my hope.
I find strength in strangers' stories.
I pick up pieces of myself and get to work.
I take it one day at a time.
Because the dream only works when I work.

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