If money wasn’t a necessity in life, what would you be doing?

Don’t you hate how money-driven everything is? It is so frustrating that money has forced most of us into things we don’t necessarily care about. If money wasn’t a necessity, what would I be up to?

I think about the above question a lot. In fact, during the early hours of this morning, the thought randomly came to my mind. I couldn’t think of anything spectacular because the truth is, I already do the things I love. I simply would like to share my experience and life either through writing, photography, videography, travel, food and decoration.

I find it easy to express myself through the experiences I share. Either being able to articulate my thoughts about a book I’m reading. A movie I watched. A meal I had. A place I visited, art and many more. The mere thought of sharing my experiences brings me joy.

Storytelling will always be a part of me. I am glad I can express myself with the limited resources available now.

I’ll like to hear from you. If money was not a necessity, what would you be doing? I look forward to your comments below.

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