Love is an action

I went to church on Sunday expecting the preacher to have a love series type of sermon. You know the type that hints valentine is coming soon. Instead, the sermon was about the fruits of the spirit. I was a tad disappointed because where is my love series???

Anyway, as she discussed the fruits of the spirit, she touched on love. She simply said love is an action. It is about doing things. Words alone don’t mean anything where love is involved. Always back up your words with actions.

As valentine’s approaches, a lot of people tend to get nervous. This is because they want a certain treatment and recognition that day and fear they won’t receive it. Have you thought about discussing your expectations with your partner? You don’t have to fully disclose what you have planned for the day but you can talk about Valentine’s and make plans towards it. If after communicating that you like Valentine’s and your partner doesn’t acknowledge it, they probably don’t love you.

Also, Valentine’s is not about expensive gifts. I mean, they are nice to gift and receive if you can afford to. There are also many inexpensive ways you can also show you’re present.

As Valentine’s approaches, remember to be intentional. For those people that say, why do you choose to celebrate love on vals on a particular day when you can do it every day? I think it is a sorry excuse. Making your loved one feel extra special on the day dedicated to lovers should not be such a difficult thing. Fix up!

So, if you have been going about loving your partner passively or haven’t made any plans for valentines, you have seven days to plan. Do something special this year and remember that love is reciprocal.

I’m curious to know how you plan on celebrating valentines with me this year. Drop your comments below. As always, thank you for reading, we’ll catch up later.

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