One year on the road

I embarked on a journey last year. I didn’t know what to expect on the road but I needed to fill a void. This journey was needed to help me grow. The passengers I’ve picked up on the road have all played a part in this journey. Isn’t it strange how different parts can come together and work in harmony? This is a story of my experience since I started blogging last year.

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Ronkeslens started as an urge, I felt propelled to blog. The idea came to me and wouldn’t leave. I tried to fight it but it left me with sleepless nights and emptiness. Something needed to be done fast, that is why we are here now. If you remember my first post (a blog is born) I explained the full story there. Thirty six posts into this journey and I am amazed by how time has passed by so quickly. Do you know Ronkeslens has travelled across so many different countries that I have never been to? We are global over here 🙂

My Story starts here…

The first passenger was love. It makes sense that I am in love with the blog. Don’t you love your creations? I love Ronkeslens because it is my creation. It is my baby and I will nurture it to become something great so help me God.

A little while into this journey, passion soon became my second passenger. I realised from the creation of the website that I was passionate about the blog. Every thought about the blog made and makes me happy. I have noticed, I’m eager to do anything related to the blog. My cousin told me she can tell when I’m working on my blog. The focus, the joy, the enthusiasm can be seen on my face; I couldn’t help but smile. If only I could channel the energy I have towards the blog to other areas of my life, that would be fantastic. Is it possible to be passionate about something without loving it? I don’t think so. At the moment, I’m not making money from the blog. This doesn’t bother me, blogging for me has never been about money. I am just having fun with it. If in the future, if I’m able to make money from the blog, then I will be part of those people that say I am getting paid to have fun.

Discipline must have crept on board without me realising. This is because, the blog is a one man mopol business. All the responsibilities involved with building and maintenance of the blog is on me. I have no choice than to take it seriously. I am responsible for coming up with ideas, writing the blog, marketing the blog, creation of the blog, sourcing for images etc. Every single thing about ronkeslens is run and controlled by me. Discipline is inevitable.

Consistency begged to follow us on the road, explaining that she and discipline did everything together. Who am I to separate long time friends? She came on board too. One thing I have noticed about having a routine is that it helps your life become easier. Your body just knows what to do. I am not always consistent with the blog which throws me off balance sometimes. I am making efforts to be more consistent with the blog. After all, this is a journey.

I saw commitment hailing for a ride and of course, we stopped to pick her. I never knew I could be so committed to something. The fact that it isn’t paid made me realise I must truly be committed. The bare minimum was for me to always have at least one post per month. Some months I delivered above and beyond. Other months, let’s just say I delivered. In all, I have exhibited a level of commitment.

Mr purpose was one of those old men that always had the most interesting stories to tell on the road. The ride was and is meaningful because of purpose. With this blog, I am partially fulfilling my purpose I believe. I have always wanted to do creative things. I just didn’t know how to go about it. I believe this blog has created an outlet for me to show my creative side. That void I talked about in the beginning is gradually fading away. I’m still unsure about a lot of things but it is certain that I am on the right track.

The journey hasn’t always been smooth. There are so many times, I’ve had to rewrite the posts because they didn’t feel right. This post for instance, I had a different direction for it; the title I chose didn’t feel right so I changed it. The new title made me realise that I had to rewrite this post,which I’m glad I did. All the revisions were done between last night and this morning. There are times, the posts barely got any views but I won’t let views stop me. Sometimes I experience blocks and I wouldn’t know what to write. There will always be hurdles but you don’t give up on things you love.

This is just the beginning of my journey, there will be more stories to tell. As I conclude, I’ll leave you with this quote by Napoleon Hill, ”Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

Thank you for reading, I am grateful for every form of support that has been shown towards the blog, it means everything to me. The first year has been amazing, I’m excited for the future, it will be great. See you all next week ❤️.

4 responses to “One year on the road”

  1. Welldone👍
    ✅More grace


    1. Amen, thank you ❤️


  2. Congrats on one year! The say the first step is usually the hardest, so cheers to easier roads ahead. Incredibly proud of you and happy that you’re doing what you’re passionate about. Can’t wait for what year two has in store!


    1. Thank you, I can’t wait too 💃🏽


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