What to expect from a music concert organised by Nigerians (London edition)

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll automatically find yourself in one category. Either having a rush of nostalgia or looking forward to experiencing it at least once or having no interest at all. I was fortunate enough to attend Teni’s concert that took place in February and i knew I had to share my experience on the blog. Why exactly do we attend music concerts when you can listen to them for free on your phones, radio and other devices? For me, it’s all about the experience of listening to them perform live. It’s a good thing to watch an artist perform live. You see the artist in their true form and just appreciate the talent they are dishing out. Although, it’s easy to get carried away trying to get the best snaps and insta story that you forget to focus on enjoying the performance. It’s also a way of having fun and just loosening up after work or school stress.


The first thing to do is to buy your ticket as early as possible if you want to attend. This is because the closer the date of the concert is, the higher the price. The people in charge of selling the tickets tend to hike the price when the date of the concert is approaching, therefore I recommend to buy it as soon as possible so you don’t cheat yourself.
It is advisable to go with someone, so inform your friends ahead, so you can buy your tickets together just in case there’s any form of sitting arrangement.

The second and most important lesson I’ve learnt from music concerts is dressing comfortably is key. I remember my first music concert experience here in Uk, it was Olamide and Phyno’s concert. I wore a high heeled boot. Greatest rookie mistake ever. My legs were hurting, I couldn’t focus on the show properly because all I could think of was the severe pain in my legs because of the shoes.

Olamide and Phyno (uncomfortable shoes)
Teni’s concert (I certainly love my black outfits)

Next is to get ready to listen to a talented Dj. There’s always a nice dj at music concerts, they are there to entertain people before the event begins. Trust me, the event never begins at the allotted time. They waste time at these concerts. So try and go with friends to keep you entertained. Luckily, you get to listen to all new buzzing songs on loud speakers 🔊.
After dancing for sometime, the host of the day will come on stage to get things started. You might be irritated at this point because you’ve been dancing for too long and you didn’t pay just to listen to the dj play 😒

For some reason, there’s always some mediocre dancing competition at the music concerts. This is one of the tactics used to delay the performance of the artistes. So you have no choice than to watch a dancing competition. Also get ready for really loud shouting. The crowd shouts a lot as a result of excitement and very loud music. It’s all part of the process that makes the event a memorable one.
It’s good to note that everybody’s phones will be in the air. So if you are quite short, find a way to get to the front to have a good viewing experience.
The next is for a not so popular artist that you might have never heard of perform. They usually don’t put this people on their fliers, or at least it was only Teni that was on her promo advertisement. So I wasn’t expecting anyone else. Bijiano performed, he doesn’t have so many popular songs Shayo was a hit though 🤔, Pepenazi also performed, popular for his collaboration with Olamide in the song titled Ilegal. One other artist performed but I don’t remember him.
A memorable performance at Teni’s concert was a band. Those guys are so talented, wish I can remember their name.

I’ll pay to watch those guys perform again. It was only instruments they played but they were so amazing. Keep in mind that Teni’s show was supposed to start at 7pm to end at 11pm. At 10:03, still no Teni insight I was fuming 😤, my friend Pelumi was also angry 😠. I posted this on my insta story.

She finally came out at about 10:40. I have inserted a clip at 10:45 where she was saying London are you ready. No apology whatsoever, just went on to perform like it was a right thing to keep us waiting for so long. She delivered and her performance was very nice and extraordinary, by 11 she was done. As soon as I saw that she was rounding up, my friend and I proceeded to leave the venue to avoid rushing. Something similar happened at Olamide and Phyno, though they weren’t as late as Teni but they came out late regardless.


It’s so common for the main performers that we paid to watch come out so late, this is something that needs to be addressed. I’ve asked other people that have been to other Nigerian concerts, they have similar experiences.
I forgot to mention, get ready for overpriced drinks at the bar. It’s a common practice to inflate the prices of refreshments at concerts. People aren’t allowed in with their refreshments so this is a way for the bar to make some extra cash.

if you have ever been to a music concert organised by non Nigerians, i will like to hear from you. Are protocols well observed? Does it start on time ? please share your experience in the comment section.
If you have anything to add, feel free to do so in the comment section. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the post, see you all next week.

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