Profound memories to celebrate mother’s day

To celebrate mother’s day, I want to rehash some memories of my mum and I. Hope this makes someone smile. My mum means the world to me and I will seize every opportunity to celebrate and eulogize her.

mum and I, 90s baby

When I was little, my mum would shout at me when I misbehave or just do annoying things you expect children to do, every time she did this, she would apologise after sometime, when she realises that I wasn’t interested in playing with her after anymore . On this particular day, she was about to start shouting and I told her “if you shout at me today, I won’t accept your apology later”. She burst into laughter, that was the moment she realised I was no longer a kid ☺️. Obviously, I don’t remember ever doing this but she told me.

not my favourite pic, primary school days.

In primary school, I remember my mum was schooling for her MBA, which means she attended classes on Saturdays because she was a part time student. she didn’t necessarily have time to take me to parties or just go out on Saturdays . My dad would have gone to work too. I would always ask her every time why she didn’t go to school when her mates were going 😂😂. She used explain that she went, just trying to add more knowledge, I didn’t believe her and would keep lamenting, she used to say you are too young to understand, I understand now and I’m such a proud daughter😊.

I remember, for my 10th year old birthday, my mum had already bought me dress to wear to school. That dress was so gorgeous, however when she brought it home, I was adamant that I wanted to wear jeans and top to school. She tried to persuade me but i wouldn’t budge, she never returned that dress to the shop and I never wore it. When I saw the dress later, I liked it but It was too late because I had outgrown it by then 🤦🏽‍♀️.

She worked in a corporate environment so that required corporate dresses and suits, so I would always follow her shopping then, and ask her to buy me clothes too, sometimes she bought, sometimes she didn’t, she would always tease that she would take me to the tailor to make mine instead 😩😁.

we certainly look alike in this pic

Sometimes, she would play her oldies music in her room and dance to it and i would be on her bed watching her. She would always brag about how she had so much fun in her youth and always trash the music I listen to. I love oldies music today thanks to my mum. She used to play Bob Marley’s music, cool and the gang, Lionel Richie etc.

We’ve bonded a lot more over the past few years. We weren’t close during my teenage years. I remember she once said I don’t know you, she didn’t know what I liked, my character etc. I attended a boarding school and she had to work when I was on holiday so we didn’t spend so much time together then.
She’s retired now, even though we live in different countries, we are so close and we talk virtually everyday. Sometimes I wish we had this relationship when I was growing up. We talk often about everything, I feed her with information of how my day went, and just catch up basically sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry.

more pics

Most times, whenever I see African Mother’s skits (short comedy) I can’t relate to them because I didn’t experience them. E.g asking you to drop the plates in the kitchen when she’s going there herself or bringing the remote for her because she didn’t want to stand up, if it’s in the living room, she’ll get it herself. She didn’t stress me unnecessarily and i appreciate her a lot for that.

I remember when she would ask me to cook something or clean somewhere and out of laziness, I defer it to the last minute or not do the chore at all😩. she’ll obviously shout when she gets back, I can’t believe i was always getting angry when getting reprimanded for my lazy actions when she should be the one angry 🙆🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. My future kids better not try me 😂😒. I can’t imagine going through work stress, driving Lagos traffic and coming home to a mess, I’ll be angry too. I’m sorry mum if you are reading this.

sweet mama

The memories are a lot more but, it means this post will never end if I continue. I love you mum and you can never be replaced.
I feel like, I can’t talk about mother’s day without including my dad. My parents are not rich but they sacrifice way too much for me. I’m blessed and grateful to have you both in my life.
Every single person that has been a maternal figure in my life, thank you and I love you all immensely.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. It’s not easy to devout your self to another and still worry about your life. Thank you all for your sacrifices and attentiveness to our needs. You occupy a special place in our hearts.

How are you celebrating mother’s day? pls share your memories with your mum’s in the comment section below. See you next week.

4 responses to “Profound memories to celebrate mother’s day”

  1. Nice one ronke


  2. I join u in celebrating ur mum. Your children will celebrate u too. Best wishes.
    Your mum posted the link on church platform on mother’s day.


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