Comfortable shackles

I’m sure everyone is puzzled about the correlation between comfortable and shackles. It’s an oxymoron and the two words don’t belong side by side. However, we are defying odds on the blog today and insisting the title is appropriate.

Disclaimer, I know the posts this month have been more appealing to women, the reason for this is because we are celebrating women this month e.g international women’s day, mothers day, my birthday. Guys please, don’t feel discouraged, the blog still caters to both genders. once I pay tribute to our mothers for mother’s day, I will adjust my posts accordingly thank you.
I want you to perform a quick exercise. Look through all your trousers and skirts mentally to see if you have any that isn’t high waist. Guys, pls participate too, have you ever seen your wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin or female friend wear anything that isn’t high waist? How many of you can confidently bring out more than one pair of low rise jeans, trousers, leggings,skirts etc from your closets? I’m sure most people will have the same answer as me. NONE. I don’t have any low rise trousers or skirts. Anybody that has, may just have 1 or 2 left,which i predict is buried deep down in your wardrobes. Think about it, aren’t we all in high waist shackles at this point?

picture depicting the low waist and high waist. sourced from

Should I say congratulations or we need a liberation from our high waist shackles. The fashion industry has successfully put us in shackles and I don’t think they can bring us out of it. High waists are convenient, flattering, stylish, comfortable. Therefore, they are shackles in my opinion because we all wear them all the time. Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever buy anything that isn’t high waist. However, I’ve learnt to never say never. I swore that I’ll never be appealed by the mom jeans trend, however, I reach for my mum jeans more often these days. So what’s so special in high waist that we can’t seem to shake? I know there are so many different apparels that are high waist but I want you to FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION ON JEANS.

Me in different high waist clothing.

Jeans are comfortable, (debatable) talking about it from the perspective that it is easy to throw on with anything and you are good to go. (I don’t necessarily like the texture of jeans on the body). Furthermore, you don’t need to constantly pull up your trousers, every second like you do with low rise. A high waist will always keep you covered. I’m sure curvy women are relieved that low rise are now a thing of the past.
Also due to the cut of high waist jeans , it gives the body a flattering look. We ladies like outfits that cinches at the waist, this instantly helps give the figure a boost. A high waist jeans helps to achieve a cinched waist, it’s a win for me.
Now my favourite part of any high waist clothing is it’s ability to conceal FUPA perfectly. FUPA is the fat upper pubic area. Most ladies struggle with this part of the body. It is difficult to get rid of. Personally, I’ve accepted mine because I can’t keep giving myself unnecessary stress😌😁. High waist makes the FUPA compact.

FUPA on full display in the dress
FUPA disguised in the high waist trousers

Also high waist jeans are very easy to style. You can pair them up with virtually everything from crop tops to t-shirts to blazers and you’ll look put together instantly or casual chic, depending on the look you are going for.
I’m yet to find a fault with the high waist trend.
With all being said, remember all the points I have made today are based on my experiences with high waist clothing. It works perfectly with my body type. Therefore, this might be contradictory for others. I’ll like to hear from you, are you convinced that high waist clothing are comfortable shackles?
Men in the house, what shackles has the fashion industry put you in?
Thank you for reading, and see you all next week.

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