Officially in my late twenties

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I can’t believe we are in March already. It seems whenever you need time to be slow, it passes by fast. I remember my childhood vividly, such a shame, all I have left are the memories. Whilst, I must admit growing old is scary, for instance, my slow metabolism and body pain here and there serves as a reminder that this body betrays as time passes. Also, the responsibilities keep piling on. I’m excited for the future because slowly, I see the woman I’m becoming, and I love what I see and can’t wait to embrace every part of her. March makes me so happy, because it’s my birth month. I’ll be twenty-seven on the 5th of March. How am I in my late twenties already? Lately, I’ve been feeling like I need to do more and just make moves. Everybody around me seems to be so focused achieving one thing or another and I just feel stuck. Is it common for people to feel this way? sometime last year, I tweeted something.

 I ask my self this question often. Like everyone else, I made a list of things I wanted to achieve at certain stages of my life. Whenever, my birthday approaches, I like to go through this list to see if I’ve achieved anything or done things differently.The truth is I’ve revised this list severally because life doesn’t align with my dreams sometimes. Everybody always says it good to have a plan, but what do you do when life has other plans for you?

The initial post, I had in mind wasn’t a pleasant one. After writing about two paragraphs, I felt so ungrateful and selfish for choosing to write from such a sour perspective. I had to take a step back to view things differently. I hope this post uplifts and inspires someone to always try to look for a positive side and good in every situation. Just putting it out there, I’m a Christian and I believe there’s a God factor in everything we do as humans. I find myself complaining a lot, not necessarily to anybody, often, it’s just the thoughts in my mind. Lately, I’ve started making a conscious effort to complain less and only focus on things I can control. I don’t really stress about things beyond my control anymore.

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I strongly resonate with the idea that everybody has their season. Therefore, I must apologise to God and myself. I overthink every time and just compare myself to others. I’ve put myself in myself in undue stress because I expect myself to be doing things, I see my mates do. I don’t give myself enough credit. It might appear like I’m not doing much but I’m proud of my achievements. Things can only get better. I’m grateful to God because this opportunity that I have and take for granted, so many people pray to have quarter of it.

If you know me well, you can tell how shy I am. This is something I battle with a lot. So many opportunities have been missed because of this, I sometimes come off snobbish to some people. It’s such a shame because I’m very easy to talk to. I had to address this issue soon. One of the ways I’m addressing the situation is by blogging. I’ve never pictured myself as a blogger, but life handed it to me. I didn’t plan to blog ever, if you read my initial post, I explained that the thoughts of blogging consumed me. It needed to be done. I see God’s hands in this blogging journey so far. He literally, planted the idea in me and gradually, it is helping me deal with my shyness and has helped instil more confidence in me.

I’ve grown a lot within the past year. Not referring to physical growth now, but my mental growth and emotional intelligence is impressive. In the past, I would rather go through an  inconvenient situation rather than speak up. However, when I’m not comfortable with things now, I speak up and exhibit courage. I don’t know if this courage comes with age but I’m no longer to timid petite girl I once was. I’m glad that I’m now able to walk out of situations I don’t feel comfortable in. if I keep writing, this post might become a book 😊.  my point is, there are so many things I didn’t include in my list out of ignorance because I didn’t know I needed them. God, however, has been giving them to me without asking because he knows what I need. My list might be delayed, however, I’m happy because I know delay is not denial and I know God is looking out for me.

The other day, someone said, why do I like to feel like a motivational speaker on my blog, that it doesn’t fit me. Inspiration can come from anyone and anywhere and if my blog can be a source of inspiration to just one person, that would make me a happy human. To the person reading this, I hope you take time to reflect on your life and give yourself credit for your wins no matter how little they may seem. If you are working hard to be a better version of yourself, your reward season is closer than you think.

To give a response to my tweet, I’m taking life one day at a time , figuring things out. Doing things that makes me happy and working to give myself a better life. I refuse to be pressured by society’s expectations ofwhat I should be doing or ought to have achieved at a certain age. I’m very grateful and blessed to be surrounded by supportive people.

For my birthday, I kindly ask that you say a prayer for me.May chapter 27 be a smooth journey for me and God should steer me in the right direction in everything I do. I hope this month is beautiful for everyone. Thank you for reading, see you all next week.

7 responses to “Officially in my late twenties”

  1. Babe. This post resonates well with me. I can totally relate to every paragraph. I think being able to speak up and walk away from uncomfortable situations comes with age to be candid. I find myself doing more of things I love and opening up as much as I need to. May God help us as we grow daily. Amazing post ❣️❣️❣️


    1. Thank you ❤️. Apparently, many people go through this phase! The good news is, it gets better and there’s more clarity with time. I pray God is involved in everything we do.


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        Bridget Mbey



  2. Oh the feeling of being inadequate in our 20s. I can relate but you’ve said it all, comparison is the thief of joy and we all have our seasons. Constant focus on God will get us through each stage.
    Don’t feel discouraged with blogging, you are amazing at this and don’t forget, your validation comes from God and not people’s opinions, never let any negativity get to you.
    Happy birthday sugar.


    1. Amen, thanks for the birthday wishes. Definitely, the only opinion that matters is from God. Thank you for the constant support ❤️❤️


  3. I know that life always has a way of dishing us things, people etc that we don’t plan. But I have personally seen you grown, moreso over the past 4/5 years and I know you are not the same person and I mean this in a good way. For e.g blogging, I never would have thought you would do this but look at and that goes to show a lot of minute things that have changed that maybe you don’t even see. This year will be great, it definitely will. And given the limitations that this part of the world we are brings, I think , nah, I know you are doing great 🙂


    1. Thanks for this ❤️. It’s so easy to be ungrateful and just focus on negative things. Nice to see I’m changing my perspectives

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