My transformation into a modern Yoruba bride

Whenever I see modern Yoruba brides, clothed in aso oke, I see opulence and grandeur.

The bridal game for Yoruba brides has evolved drastically over the past few years, one of the major things I keep my eyes out for in a Yoruba wedding is the bride’s outfit. I’ve always wanted to dress in such an exotic way but I’ve not had the opportunity yet to partake in any ceremony that would require such glamour e.g meeting the queen, receiving a global award or being a bride. Therefore, being asked to model as a Yoruba bride was an elated moment for me, It was so unexpected and a rewarding experience,it gave me the opportunity to play dress up and have a free makeover.

A very intricate area of being a Yoruba bride is the makeup. First and most important step is to try to keep the face blemish free and have a properly hydrated skin. This will give the makeup artist a good base to work with. I remember getting restless on the chair because it felt like forever. The makeup artist totally transformed my face, I like how she payed attention to every detail on my face. I may have found the make up artist for my wedding . It is very important that enough time is allotted for the makeup. My makeup session lasted for almost two hours.

makeup by: Mabellemakeover
Aso oke by: Ile oba

After, getting my face glammed up, we moved on to the gele. This was my least favourite aspect of the shoot. Although, whenever I have gele on, which is very rare,I love the way I look,
however, I’m not a huge fan of it, it’s because of how uncomfortable it gets. I couldn’t hide my discomfort and gave the photographers and videographer a difficult time during this process. They wanted to see a smile on my face. There was no way I could put up a show, knowing my head was being compressed by the gele, so I frowned all through (bridezilla)😂😩.

the gele tying process
jewellery and clutch by: fabulousaccessoriesuk
beads and aso oke by: ile_oba

Once the gele was set. I got dressed in my aso oke. I transformed into a totally different person. The diva in me had been unlocked. Isn’t it amazing how clothes have a way of boosting your confidence? The shade of the aso oke complimented my skin beautifully. I like how unique the ile_oba’s aso oke is, the aso oke I had on was laced with glitzy flex and some 3D flowers were attached to it. This is very unique to the usual beading and stoning commonly used to design aso oke. The beads and irukere I had on was also from ile_oba.

ile_oba who also posed as the mother of the bride, was clothed in ile_oba aso oke, hers was laced with velvet.
Finally,I was fully dressed and ready to take some pictures . Modelling is not easy at all. It is basically, marketing. As a model, you are required to sell products, therefore it must be believable and real. Modelling is definitely not my calling. I gave it my best shot and I’m really proud of myself. The shoot also required dancing. That is my greatest weakness in this world. You must have seen some of my steps if you follow me on instagram, they are very bad 😂😂. I had over seven people directing me on the how to move my body. I’ve always known my dancing inability will come back to haunt me. Dancing in a Yoruba traditional wedding is inevitable. You are expected to dance to meet your groom. This is why it is essential to have comfortable shoes at your wedding. Personally, I’ll suggest buying the shoes months before the wedding so can practice in them and break them in properly. Let’s just say I may have embarrassed myself in front of strangers and will need to attend a dance class ASAP!!!

Did I mention, there was a model groom too? He also had on the Aso oke and posed for some pictures. We took really nice pics, wish you were all there to see behind the scenes. It was a good day. I also forgot to mention, that it is expected to make your nails look pretty. The photographers will take really close shots and you want to ensure your hand is looking good.

mother of the bride and bride both in ile_oba aso oke
picture by: atkins_studios
picture by: atkins_studios, cake by: cakesbybims

Overall, the shoot was very nice. The event was organised by Grandememoireevents and vendors directory was curated by lofindaevents. I recommend everybody gets glammed up once in a while. It is a very exhilarating feeling. Feel free to add more tips for a Yoruba bride if you have any in the comment section. Thank you for reading and see you next week.
search #DSLovestory19 on Instagram to see more pictures from the shoot and more behind the scene footages. All the vendors have been tagged on my Instagram @ronkeslens or the hashtag.

some behind the scene footageIMG_3475.TRIM

4 responses to “My transformation into a modern Yoruba bride”

  1. You made such a beautiful model bride! Thank you for being a part of the style shoot! Lovely write up ♥️


    1. Thank you. Your hands are blessed! Make up artist of life 👌


  2. I enjoyed reading it and I smiled all through, I had flashbacks of the day trying to get you to dance 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Thanks for being a part of the shoot.


    1. Thank you ❤️, it took a village literally 😂😂.


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