When in doubt, travel to Malta

Towards the end of last year, I wanted to travel to somewhere warm but close to London and after a bit of research, Malta was selected as the destination of choice. This was due to its warm weather, proximity, affordability and good reviews.

When I tell you guys, this was the most chaotic day ever, you better believe me. I left my house several hours early to make my way to the airport but there was a train delay and cancellations that messed up my flow. I was very close to missing my flight and was already checking for next day flights. I was so sad but Motola (my travel buddy) kept encouraging me to just have hope.

As we would have it, London Stansted airport and their trashy behaviour worked in my favour that day. Between going through security and their liquid restrictions and just unnecessary flight delay, I made it just in time. I was panting, running through the airport, out of breath, literally almost in tears but I made it to the gate as the were making the last call announcement.

This was a big lesson and on my next trip, I’m doing Nigerian parents style, I’ll leave very early and seat at the airport if I have to.

This was a very short trip but I enjoyed every moment about it. Now let’s get in the Malta gist for real.

We stayed at Hyatt Regency hotel. Not going to lie to you, this hotel was really nice, I think their only flaw was they didn’t have an all inclusive option. We included the breakfast option when we booked so that was convineient. They have an excellent customer service there as well as some facilities like a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants, a bar, a suana and a beautiful view. The hotel is about 30 mins away from the airport. I think the location was just perfect as it was surrounded by beaches, a mall, cinema, other hotels, ferry rides among other things.

Arrived on a Thursday night. We’re talking 11pm ish so there was nothing to do but sleep. On our first full day there, we toured Valletta and Mdina. Our main mode of transportation throughout our stay was via Uber and Bolt. Their cab drivers are so charming there, they open the doors for you which is something I barely experience in London. I’m beginning to think chivalry is dead only in London. Anyway, we did some sightseeing in Valletta before getting on a tour bus.

The guide gave us the history of the place, the wars, their survival antics. They had a lot of enemies apparently. That is all I could hear throughout the tour. They also have a lot of churches. It was literally on every street.

After touring Valletta, we headed to Mdina and that place is magical. I’d say it’s for lovers. The ambience was screaming romance is in the air. This was more quiet and relaxing than Valletta for sure.

Hotel lobby

The next day, we had plans to go to Gozo and one other place the following day but it was ridiculously windy and rainy so we ended up staying indoors for the better part of the day. It was so relaxing, I honestly had a proper pamper day and that rest was needed. When the weather got better later in the day, we went to the beach and explored places close to our hotel. Went back to the hotel for a massage session and chill. I remember binge watching from scratch series on this trip.

Came back to London the following day. So you can see that trip was painfully short. I hope I get to go back there but it’s better to go with your partner. Incase you plan on visiting, I would say you need just about 3-4 days there max. I wish this blog could be more detailed but I know how everyone’s attention span is like these days.

Room tour
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Looking forward to more travels this year. I’ll write about my time in Paris soon. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog. I guess the question is,would you be visiting Malta soon? I hope your answer is yes and yes only.

Some good to know information about Malta includes extremely friendly people, speak English and Maltese, relatively good transportation, quite affordable, good for lovers.


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  1. Lovely trip, thank goodness you managed to to make it for your flight, the nonsense with trains these days is ridiculous. 😊✌️


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