I don’t miss the pain

Waking up at night and experiencing the worst pain in my left arm was no joke. I must have slept in a weird way I thought as I nursed myself back to sleep with hopes that I would feel better in the morning.

Mandatory mirror pic

The pain was worse in the morning. I then remembered that the previous day was my first day back at the gym. My muscles were reminding me that I put them through pain and this was how they chose to pay me back. Further exploration at the gym has been accompanied with back pain, leg pain and an overrall sore body.

Today as I write, I am battling leg pain. Walking up and down the stairs has been the most difficult feeling but this is a pain I must experience. No pain, no gain.

I broke my fitness promise to myself last year and fell out so bad. I can find all the excuses and possibly blame the depression I slipped into but the truth is, I was lazy. I have seen the result of laziness and it isn’t pretty.

Like most people, I like fresh starts and the new year presented another opportunity for me to start over. However, I would like to experience the rewards of consistency and resilience. Honestly, I just want my clothes to fit better and of course live healthier.

No one ever talks about the pain from new beginnings but I feel it everytime. I don’t want to sit here writing a new beginning post next year but rather celebrate my consistency.

Anyway a tip to reduce the discomfort and pain is stretching. I had a nice deep stretch session today after my workout and it made a slight difference. The stretches were guided by a YouTube video I watched. There is a ton of videos on Youtube so try to incorporate it in your routine.

Can you relate to the fresh start too or are you celebrating your consistency? I’d look forward to your comments. Thank you for reading.


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