Stay at home husband

Do guys wish they could just stay at home and do the caretaking while their wives and partners go out to fend for them and the family? If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about men, it is their sense of pride. Most men want to be the providers and have a stable job to support their families. In most cases if they are unable provide for their families, it hurts their ego incredibly and often leads to depression. Most men are also very restless, I don’t see them staying at home all day every day.

From a biblical point of view, men are expected to fend for the family and be the breadwinners. Socially too, it is the acceptable norm for men to be the providers and be the support system for their families. Everything is changing now; men and women do things equally or almost equally. In the past, there were so many housewives and women were dependent on their husbands for money, but it isn’t as rampant as it was before. Women are more involved in all areas. In fact, in most relationships in western countries, many things are done equally. In Africa, people are quick to feed the narrative that men are the main caretakers but I think it isn’t true, so many women support their husbands, work round the clock but make it look like it is their husband or partners that is doing everything because they are trying to protect his ego.

Research conducted by PEW research centre, shows that the number of stay at home dads are on the rise



I’m aware that there are different reasons why some men will have to become stay at home husbands against their will. The first reason is unemployment. So many organisations tend to lay off staff or downsize, and this affects some families leaving men and women stranded and suddenly jobless. In this case, a husband can decide to stay at home while searching for another.

Sudden sickness or accident can make someone stay at home, in this case depending on where you work and the extent of what you are dealing with, the organisation can be generous enough to let you work from home. If the sickness or accident is too intense, the man might not be able to work from home. This is usually very depressing for the man. Let’s not forget the financial strain involved. The provision is now left to just the wife or partner.

There are so many jobs out there that people can do without leaving the comfort of their homes. Content creators, bloggers, graphic designers do not need to work in offices to get paid. In this case, a man can decide to be a stay at home husband/partner.

source: google images

Another reason why a husband can decide to stay at home is my preferred option, he’s a boss man. If the husband has a business, he owns and manages, he can work in the comfort of his house, interact with the family, attend ballet concerts with the kids and be present in every milestone and still cash out.

source: google images

I’ve read and heard that it is common in Abuja, Nigeria for men to just sit at home and do nothing, is this true? Abuja men please confirm 😊. Apart from Abuja men, I know some other men do this. They are comfortable staying at home all day while their spouse or partners fends for them. If you fall in this category, change your ways.  

What I’ve noticed is if a man suddenly becomes a stay at home husband or dad due to certain circumstances, if they are lucky enough, they have supportive women that will assist them till they are able to get back on their feet. However, I’ve read so many stories and heard a lot of men complain bitterly about a change in behaviour in their spouse. Some women kick their men when they are down, most especially the ones that become stay at home husbands because of unemployment. Sex is automatically thrown out the window. The respect isn’t there like before and so many other petty reasons. If a man becomes a stay at home dad suddenly but he is trying to get back, please be supportive to your partner.

To make the stay at home process easier, if a man suddenly has to stay at home, he should willingly do things to relieve the wife from pressure like laundry, house cleaning, assignment with the kids and be helpful generally.

If the case was reversed and a woman suddenly becomes unemployed or too sick to work, I think men would be more tolerant and supportive than women.

Men be sincere, if you meet a rich woman that is ready to spend on you and shower you with gifts, cars, vacations etc but she insists that you must become a stay at home husband, are you accepting this offer? I look forward to your comments below.

Can I be a stay at home wife? I don’t want to. When my blogging career kicks off the way I want it to. I’ll rent an office space just to have somewhere to go to every day. Staying at home every time is quite boring.

Women can you willingly marry a stay a home husband? Personally, I don’t mind a stay at home husband as long as he’s busy working and making money. What do you think about stay at home husbands? Yay or nay? Thank you for reading, see you all next week.

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