Dear insomniacs…

All the insomniacs in the house, let’s identify ourselves🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️. How did we get here? Can we all just agree eight hours of sleep is a myth and it isn’t achievable. I used to sleep easy through the night a couple of years back but it’s a struggle now. Do people really sleep for long hours at a stretch without waking up? How does it feel to be living a good life?


I have been wondering, does insomnia come with age? Are our thoughts too deep and complex that somethings can only be processed only in the quiet hour?

The time is now 23:58, I need to be up by 6am but I am purposely staying awake so I can have a somewhat decent sleep. Sleeping later than usual means there’s a high probability I’ll be able to sleep through the night. On some other days, I try to go to bed at about 9:30 or 10pm, this is another tactic. This way, when the insomnia kicks in, I’ll have gotten some hours of sleep and wouldn’t be too tired in the morning.

Some people suggested I count down from 20 to 1, it worked at some point but as usual my body developed a resistance to this technique.

I envy the people that are able to sleep peacefully through the night. I stopped having decent night sleeps years ago. On some days, I am lucky to sleep well but I must have had a very busy and stressful day to achieve this. I sometimes drink herbal teas and they put me to sleep almost immediately but the effects wears off after a couple of hours.

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There was an era, I had to listen to rain drops on YouTube to help me sleep. It was quite effective but I stopped because my body got used to it and wasn’t giving me the desired outcome. I still try it sometimes but the trick is to listen once in a while rather than every day. I have been through many phases of battling this sleeping disorder.

I’m am one of those people that wakes up to pee. Once this happens, it is usually so difficult to sleep back. When I’m awake, being a phone addict that I am, I scroll through different apps, sometimes I pray or I just end up overthinking. Depending on the time I sleep, I sometimes wake up any time between 1am – 3am. I don’t know if this happens to others a lot but around 5am in the morning, the sleeps gradually kicks and I try to snooze a bit for that hour before I wake up.

Don’t even bother calling or texting me during my insomnia hours, this is because I put my phone on do not disturb mode most times. Most importantly, I enjoy the serenity of the atmosphere in the midnight, it helps me relax because I get anxious a lot. Having a few hours to myself is relaxing so I don’t like communicating with anyone then.

source: google images

The time is now 00:36, I am finally really sleepy and ready to retire for the night, let’s hope the odds are in my favour tonight. Fellow insomniacs, is this how your routine goes? Do we have a similar experience or your story is different? Leave a comment below. Thank you for reading. Please don’t forget to like, share, comment ❤️.

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