A blog is born…

Take the first step in faith. you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” – Martin Luther King Jr.



After months of being pregnant with ideas and intent, I’ve delivered, yay! it’s a blog and it’s been named Ronke’s lens. Being pregnant with ideas means you experience the three trimesters.

The discovery

I would always find myself getting lost in my thoughts. This thoughts are not the type you pick up your phone to call someone and gist. I didn’t feel the need to have this discussion with anyone else because I didn’t find them “phone call worthy”. I needed a space to share with the world and still keep it personal. That was when I decided to start a blog.

First trimester

Self doubt the killer of dreams, would visit every other time to make me question my intentions. Questions like do you really think this is a good idea? No one cares about this kind of stuff. I managed to talk myself out of it and proceed with the idea of blogging. This literally gave me sleepless nights, I couldn’t explain why the thought of blogging consumed me. It had to be done.

Second trimester

At this point, I had already established my aim to start a blog but what direction did I want the blog to take? I thought about it for long time but couldn’t narrow it down to a particular sector. It then dawned on me that I think about everything. From serious issues like politics to really random things like my favourite lipstick combination. I needed my blog to represent my thoughts, since my thoughts are not limited, the blog too should be given the opportunity to be versatile. So its a versatile blog.

Third trimester

This was a very daunting experience, I had to prepare to bring life to the blog, I had to come up with a name. The only thing I was certain of was Ronke must be included. After several deliberations, I decided to go with lens, this represents the perception I bring to the topics I want to discuss here. I read somewhere once, there are two sides to a story, the truth and your perception. Ronke’s lens represents my perception, opinions and voice on topics written here. By now you should understand eye blog everything represents the versatility of the blog. Also, hope you caught the pun in lens and eye. To finalize this phase, I contacted my dad to assist me with some logistics and some last details.

The birth

As you can imagine, after all the hard work, Ronke’s lens has been brought to life and can only grow. I hope you all enjoyed her birth story. I hope someone is inspired to develop that idea you can’t seem to shake. please leave your feedback below. See you next week.



20 responses to “A blog is born…”

  1. ABOUT TIME 🎉👏🏾


    1. I know, so glad I decided to start 😌


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