The parts of me I want to share with the world

Missed me?

I know I’ve totally abandoned the blog but I still think about it a lot. I found myself in a situation that made me doubt my writing. Blogging came naturally to me but for some reason I started second guessing myself. I wish I could have a deep dive into this situation but I think it’s a story for another time.

Two nights ago, I stumbled on a YouTube video about romanticising your life and living for a purpose and the message really hit me. I’ve been in such a weird phase mentally and I really needed to hear that message. There’s nothing special about what she said but you know it hits differently when you hear a message at the right time.

Something she said about always asking WHY stood out to me. Just trying to remember the objectives and your goal will guide you a lot. Then I thought of my blog and I remembered my objectives and the goal I had in mind for the blog and I realised I completely missed my way at some point.

The blog was supposed to be about me and the parts of me I wanted to share with the world. Not the part of me I think the world wants to see. I have people ask me about the blog all the time and I just always say I’ll get to it.

Sometimes stressing about life and adulting will make you forget your essence and what brings you joy. I don’t want that for me. I remember when I launched this blog and I would actually get excited when it’s time to post something. Hope I can get that level of excitement again. I feel drained all the time lately.

Anyway, I think that’s the update from me. I’ll write again soon. Happy new month everyone! It is weird that it is September, the year has passed by quickly. Wish you all and myself the best of luck this month.

Thank you for reading. I want to challenge myself and put out a blogpost every week for the rest of the year. Bye for now.

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