Can’t Sleep!

It is currently 2:51am but I’m wide awake thinking about the war unfolding, approaching 30, the next steps for me, my finances, getting my nails done and so many other random thoughts.

It feels like I need a declutter in my head. There are so many weird things happening at the same time, it makes me sick.

It is one week to my 30th and the reflective mood has finally kicked in. I have so many things to say but I honestly don’t know where to start.

I will start by saying, you can plan all you want but it will always be God’s plan above yours.

I’ve shut down any questions concerning my plan for my 30s because I had a plan for my 20s and it is like the plan mocked me. So many things didn’t go according to my plan but I’m grateful to God because there’s a bigger picture.

Now that I have written this much, it seems this post belongs in my journal. I can’t believe this is 30. Why did the time go?

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