I’ve had a million things on my mind since the beginning of year. The year has been quite interesting if I am being honest. I can’t believe all the drama I have experienced actively and passively. I am positive that this would be an amazing year with so many wins for me. This morning on my way to work , I got a message from my friend reminding me that my blog is 2.

Omg, I felt like a bad mom, I’ve totally forgotten my baby’s birthday I thought. If you read my first post ever on the blog, you’ll remember I likened my blog to a birth story and how I was pregnant with ideas blah blah blah. I am glad it is two today. I didn’t really make a big deal of the blog last year, between dealing with a pandemic and me trying to finish up with school and some other personal issues, I wasn’t too focused on the blog.

I must say I am proud the blog is still a thing today. So many times, I get interested in different things and abandon it along the way but with ronkeslens it’s been different, I might abandon for a few weeks but ultimately I still find myself thinking about the blog.

I had such big dreams for the blog when I started, I wouldn’t lie, the vision became blurry at some point but I’m back on track. This is an appreciation post for my readers, thank you for reading and sticking around. I hope we have many years together. Thank you for reading, see you next time.

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