Should you be friend’s with an ex?

I saw a thread on Twitter about this topic yesterday and people were just were just angry and petty.
I think this friends with ex’s topic is a common topic everyone talks about. People always ask should you remain friends with an ex and my reply is usually along these lines; you don’t have to burn bridges. The fact that you and an ex aren’t romantically or sexually involved anymore doesn’t mean there should be world war 3. They should not become an enemy except they’ve done something despicable then burn that bridge. I think it is a matter of boundaries more than anything. If you grew apart or the relationship ended amicably or just reasonably then you can be friendly towards each other. Bearing in mind that being friendly and friends mean different things.

I think the word friend is used loosely. The people I call friends, I can go to them to share my deep worries, tell them my ideas and just be free with them but will I can an ex to do this with? The answer is No. The reason is, you’ve made a decision to move on, there is no need to be around them often most especially if you or them have new relationship.

Also, it is very easy to decide to remain friends with an ex if you still have feelings for them, this is not advisable, except you are both on the same page. It will deter you from putting yourself out there and delay your healing process. Sometimes, the best advice after a breakup is to totally avoid all forms of communication till you are over them, then you can become friendly.

Personally, I have no issues with random check ins, text replies, little comments on pics etc. As long as you are not blocked on my phone that means I have left room for some communication but I have my boundaries. If you run into an ex in public, what would be your reaction? Some people act really weird about it but it is no big deal really. You can exchange greetings but if it ended bad then act like they don’t exist. I think it is ok to be friendly with an ex like wish them happy birthday, congratulate them on achievements etc. However, be wary of how familiar you are getting. No need for house visits, daily communications etc keep it casual.

To answer the question should you be friend’s with an ex? The point is, you as an individual will have to know the boundaries you want in place with regards to allowing an ex back into your life. With all these written above, the main reason people choose to distant themselves from their previous partners is totally up to them. As an individual you should be able to discern and decide if you really need that friendship and what it means to you.
I will like to know your your take on this topic, please a leave comment. Thank you for reading, see you next week.

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