it starts with self

Hello everyone, welcome back to the blog. Happy new year, wish you all a great and successful year 2021.
I have missed writing on the blog but it’s been a struggle lately if I’m being honest. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to connect with my readers but every writer experiences this once in a while. I need to get inspired, perhaps this blog needs a refresh.

Have you ever been in love? You know that feeling where you want to do everything for you partner, be there for them, listen to them, buy things for them etc. It is such a beautiful feeling but I feel we deprive ourselves of this type of love. Can you really love anybody appropriately if you are not love with yourself first? I want to be in love with myself. You know the infamous love languages words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. I’ll like to show myself all these things. By the way, I don’t really understand when one picks only love language, I think they all work together.

image source: google images

I want to be in love with myself, the way I speak to myself, about myself everything should be a reflection of love.
I want to expose myself to love through my interaction with others, the things I read, the things I watch.
I want to intentionally spend on myself, give myself treats, and preferential treatments.
I want to take time to cook good meals for myself and not combine whatever is available.
I want to love myself like no other after all no one can love you like you.
Can anybody relate? Are you in love with yourself? If you are congrats, I’ll like to embark on the love journey. Cheers to being in love with self, I hope this is sustainable.
Thank you for reading, see you next week.

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