Over the past few months, I picked up a new hobby in interior decoration. I’ve always been fascinated by nicely decorated spaces, making mental notes, saving pictures and just appreciating art in the form of house décor. The fact is I have never really tried my hands at styling a space but when I have my own space I intend to always explore and switch up the look from time to time.

I have a ton of information flowing through me and figured that it might be useful for someone out there. Before you style any space you have to ask yourself what am I trying to achieve? Am I going for a modern feel, Scandinavian, Victorian, vintage or whatever you are feeling, sorry I don’t know all the terminologies of house designs yet. These questions will guide the styling and will help you be more concise with decision making. The first tip I have for anyone is to look at random pictures and watch videos, at this point don’t limit yourself you any style. Whilst watching, you will be more receptive to some designs. This would then guide you on decision of what style matches the vibe you are going for in your space. If you are looking for decor ideas and simple ways to transform your space, this is the post for you.

Having a mood board is always a good idea. It gives you a visual representation of what you are trying to achieve. Of course it does not make sense to copy every single thing on your mood board directly, your house would lack authenticity, rather let it serve as an inspiration and guide on things you are buying whilst you infuse pieces of you through your designs and styling.

Source: Pinterest

From my research, modern and minimalist house designs are trending in a lot of homes now. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the modern house design and styling. it is designed to keep clutter away using simple pieces and accessories to accentuate and give dimensions to homes.

If you have a small space, a simple trick is have a big mirror installed in the space, it would immediately make the place look bigger. If you are going for a more modern feel, try getting industrial mirrors, in my opinion they are stylish and more edgy than a regular mirror.

Source: Pinterest (industrial mirror)

Source: Pinterest

My favourite way to give your space a transformation and life is adding a big plant, it can either be artificial or a life plant. The green adds to the decor pieces and the freshness of the air ( of course you only get fresh air from life plants). Having one big plant or two goes a long way to add a splash of colour and fill up a space easily.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

White walls or neutral colours are a good way to open up a space and allow that fresh look in your home. A lot of people are opting for white/ neutral colours because it easily opens up a space. I really like white walls but sometimes I feel it is too clinical and sterile. Adding an accent wall with another colour or using a wall paper is a nice way to break from the all white/neutral.

Source: Pinterest (the accent wall brings dimension to the room)

Adding wall paneling is an interesting way to switch up a space, it transform the walls from basic to beautiful.

It is always sensible to have a colour theme when designing a space. The colour theme guides the accessories you pick and allows everything to be in sync. Still on the colour matter, there is more to life than grey. It seems everyone has the same manual when it comes to decorating their houses these days.

A gallery wall of pictures is an interesting way to tell a story and of course decorate an empty wall. Gallery walls allow you to showcase images of things that interests you and fills up a space nicely. You can decide to make your gallery wall colouful or black and white. The colours of the frame used on gallery walls also matter. Consider the existing colour theme in the space you are decorating and work accordingly. you can also opt for a single statement picture or painting to a fill up a space.

Light fixtures are an easy way to transform a space. You can add spot lights, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers the possibilities are endless and the good thing the different lights all do different things to adding character to a space. The light mood you pick for your space defines the type of light to get. If you want warm tones or a dark living room, orange light will set the mood properly.

I think my final tip for changing a space is rugs. They come in so many different sizes, textures, colours and they are an easy way to transform any space from bare to cozy. Most importantly, remember to pick unique pieces that are meaningful to you, let your space reflect your personality.

Thank you for reading, I hope you’ve found this useful, what tips are you adding to the list? Leave a comment below. See you later.


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