As many people know, there has been an ongoing protest in Nigeria by the youth to end SARS but how did we get here? A little back story… For such a long time now, one of the weapons the government and our leaders having been using to oppress the Nigerian youth was the lack of unity we had. However, when everyone is faced with a common enemy, the best move is to come together and conquer. This is the strategy the Nigerian Youth have devised to tackle SARS.

SARS the special anti robbery squad set up by the government to protect Nigerian’s have become the vice they were appointed to tackle. They are notorious for committing different atrocities like killing of innocent people, extortion, torture, framing people for crime they did not commit, planting incriminating things in people’s cars and homes, kidnapping, searching people’s phones without reason, harassments and many other terrible things. This is why the people are fed up and demand for an end of SARS. To read some real life horror stories on the ordeal of SARS and how they have damaged and bullied so many Nigerian youths visit http://www.endsars.com

Anyway, the youth got tired of this bullying and decided to act. The leaders in the past have been quick to call Nigerian youth lazy, irresponsible and other derogatory names but we are not having it anymore. After enduring for so long, we are now too angry to accept this treatment anymore. We want the government to be held accountable for their wrong doings and justice for the oppressed and we start by demanding that SARS be scrapped for good and call for an end of police brutalilty.

On the 9th of October, 2020, a protest began and it is still on going with a simple and clear message END SARS. It is a shame that the youth are not protesting lack of jobs or a working system but we are simply protesting to have a chance to live. The turn out of the protests has been beyond amazing. There are different protests across the country but all have a common message which is to end SARS. The silence of our leaders and response to the protest so far has been disappointing and it sends a clear message that we do not matter to them. These are the things that must be remembered when next it is time to vote.

The message is clear

In a bid to silence the youth and put an end to the protests, the government announced on the 11th of October that SARS had been disbanded but the officers will be remanded to other units of the police force , this nullifies all the effort so far and therefore this tactic does not provide a solution and therefore useless . The 5 solutions the Nigerian youth demand from the government includes

The protest has been peaceful so far but the police brutality continues unfortunately. There has been killing, and power abuse of the police officers, arresting some protesters, beating and assaulting them. This further shows the importance of the protest and why the Youth will not back down. Now you can begin to ponder, how can we be demanding for change and these things are still happening?

Luckily, some people have set up a platform where monetary and other donations can be made to support the protestors. Some lawyers have also been working round the clock to ensure the arrested victims are released. Kudos to everyone playing a role to secure the future of the country. The mainstream broadcasting stations in the country have not really paid the protest any attention except Channels TV. TVC’s attempt to broadcast has been appalling because they are misleading the public with the news they are broadcasting. Social media has been the key to the dissemination of information so far. International news platforms like CNN and BBC are giving the protest coverage which is good to attract a global focus on what is going on in Nigeria right now.

The government’s response to the protest again was to set up SWAT another security body to replace SARS. It is evident that they are not listening, we do not want any replacement. We all know the replacement is a strategy to set up a committee and disperse money pockets, we don’t want. The race is not over. We are still watching how everything would unfold but we refuse to be bullied.

This is the beginning of a journey to rebuild Nigeria, may this zeal and united Nigeria remain so we take back our country from our greedy and clueless leaders.

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