You are what you drink

One thing certain about summer is; it will leave you dehydrated . There’s usually a ton of parties during the summertime and you know that means there would always be booze. I know who you are by the type of drink you drink often. To find out about yourself; keep reading.

Beer drinkers just want to chill and have fun. They like having discussions and enjoy the company of others. They are usually conversation starters and mostly give good vibes. Beer drinkers are problem solvers. They are conversation starters, quite intelligent, witty and they value friendships.

source: google images

A vodka drinker wants to ease into the night. They are usually subtle at first then get fiery with time. They like to enjoy things in moderation. Vodka drinkers are so big on delayed gratification. They typically have a sweet tooth. They usually have the worst hangover hit.

source: google images

Did someone say grandpa. They are experienced drinkers and can handle their liquor. They are put together and you can trust them to get you home safe after a night out.

source; google images

The are very indecisive people. They like to have a taste of everything. These ones are people pleasers. Are you sweet or sour, brave or shy? This is a mystery we can never unfold.

source: google images

They like to act like they are out of control and care free but that’s a lie, they are very organized people and have their lives together. They are classy and like to be in control.

source: google images

Don’t make plans with a tequila drinker, they will have all the fun and forget about you. You are in for a wild time if you are around these people. They like to call your bluff, very care free. The saying “in for a good time not a long time” resonates with them. They are impatient and like to get result quickly.

source: google images

Irish cream
They never have much to say, they take life as it is in most cases. They don’t like struggling, usually timid and would never start a fight.

source: google images

Welcome to the life of the party. When they promise you a good time they’ll deliver. It is never a dull moment around these lot.

source: google images

They are risky, see what I did there 🙂 . They always have a plan. They always execute a plan perfectly also usually the bravest in the room and ready for any adventure.

source: google images

They believe life must be enjoyed, they enjoy celebrating any and everything. they have an eye for expensive things and like to live in the moment.

source: google images

They love the company of others. They are a good hosts, caring and overall good care takers.

source: google images

Personally, I have different moods to have these but typically I’d go for a cocktail’ wine or Irish cream. I see a pattern here 🤭. To be honest, I barely ever drink anymore.

What does your drink say about you?
Ps: This is not an expert’s opinion, I have just taken some time to study different people and what they drink to come up with this theory.
Thank you for reading, pls share and leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “You are what you drink

  1. I think I’m a chameleon then…Cos I drink everything. But overall, I think I lean towards Wine all the time.


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