Case of the writer’s block

Have you ever enjoyed doing something but suddenly there’s no spark anymore?

This is my story. How can I be struggling to write? I thought I was a natural. Each time I pick up my phone to write, (I usually do my writing on my notes app), I struggle to finish writing any topic. I tried the traditional note and pen, same issue 🙊😩.

Have I gotten lazy or just bored? I hope it isn’t boredom. I love being a blogger.

Oh my goodness, I’ve been struck by the infamous writer’s block. This isn’t the first time but it is dragging now. I have so many unfinished posts. I begin writing and find it difficult to finish .

I told a few people about my block issue, everyone in a bid to help suggested I write about something covid related. Surely there must be something out there to talk about besides covid.

I have been trying really hard to get out of this block. I haven’t read any fiction novel in a while, however, I picked up one from the bookstore last week so maybe it will ignite something. I also decided to start writing short stories on my Instagram page. I took sometime off social media to see if something would inspire, nothing is working really.

I have been stressed lately, mentally, emotionally and in almost every other way you can think of. I just needed to write something on the blog, hopefully I’ll be back stronger and better.

Meanwhile how do you deal with blocks? Perhaps I can learn a thing or two.

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