We want a seat at the table

The past few days have been very emotional for me and a whole lot of black people around the world. In all honesty, we are fed up.

Source: Instagram

The latest police brutality that resulted in the death of George Floyd was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was the wake up call we desperately needed, who could have ever imagined there will be street protests whilst dealing with covid? It is indeed crazy and disgusting that there has to be street protests before people realise that black lives matter. Why does anyone need to be reminded that we matter before we can be treated fairly and decently. I still don’t understand why black people’s freedom must always be linked to protests, revolutions, stand offs, court cases etc .

We demand justice and while at it;

We want to be able to go out for quick jogs and get home safe.

We want to have kids without fear of police killing them unjustly.

We want to wear our natural hair to workplaces and schools without getting told it is too wild.

We want to enjoy our shopping in peace without the sales attendants following us like we will steal if left alone.

We want to apply for jobs and get them based on merit and not an automatic rejection because of our names and accents.

We want to keep our dreadlocks and not be referred to as thugs.

We want to excel in sports without suspicion that we used drugs.

We want to get the paid a deserving amount for services rendered.

We want our voices to be heard without having to protest always.

We want to express ourselves without being labelled aggressive and angry.

Source: instagram

We are tired of being referred to as gang members because we are gathered in a place.

We are tired of getting sent to jail for crimes we didn’t commit.

We are definitely tired of being compared to animals.

I hope there’s a true liberation this time. It will be very unfortunate if our kids have to write posts like this and be subjected to racial profiling and discrimination. This vicious cycle must end this time. We will have our seat at the table. Thank you for reading, don’t forget to leave a comment and share with others.

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