Creating essay topics from catch phrases

Our everyday language with friends and people is very informal and relaxed. Imagine we had to write essays from catch phrases we use daily πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, that would be fun. It is just like the switch we make when sending official emails.

On the blog today, I have created ten academic topics from our everyday lingo. The big question here is, which essay would you be writing? Credits for the topic idea is from twitter. All topics were however created and written by Ronkeslens, your favourite blogger.

No cap

An inquiry into the use of debunkery as a tool of emphasis in communication: A study of vegan food adverts.

Get your coins

Mastering the art of capitalising on an enabling environment to create financial freedom

Clout chase

An approach to exploiting the influence of power and fame to create a sustainable brand : a case study of the Instagram influencers

Brown skin girl

Analysing the effect of sensitisation and eulogy as a confidence boost on dark skinned women; a case study of dark skinned women in the beauty industry.

It is what it is

A behavioural study of accepting mediocrity as a coping mechanism for dealing with trauma.

Netflix and chill

An exploratory research into the use of streaming services as a tool for sexual innuendo ; a study of men between the ages of 18-36

Do online giveaway

An Investigative analysis on the impacts of excessive imploration on the behaviourism of Nigerian youth on social media platforms.

Men are scum

The effect of gender disparity on the character development of a male child.

Living my best life

A study on materialism and its ability to alter the cognitive response of millennials through the use of Instagram.

There’s levels to this

The study of Maslow hierarchy of needs and how society justifies social stratification as an acceptable standard of living in Nigeria.

If you have any other topic ideas or critics for the topics written, be sure to leave a comment below. If you ever decide to write on any of the topics listed above, please give the necessary acknowledgement. Thank you for reading and remember to share the post with friends πŸ€—.

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