Trying new things (food edition)

The other day, I had left over sweet potatoes in the fridge and there was also left over Jollof rice in the fridge, the two were too little to be eaten separately but just enough for a meal. I decided to combine them on a plate and ate it. It was revolutionary, a nice definition of food porn, it felt nice, normal and very tasty. I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t a thing. I took to twitter and Instagram to share my new found food combination and many people weren’t too keen, in fact I was called weird.

My little food experiment inspired the post today. There are so many food combinations that might be weird to many but tasty for others, the question is, how do you feel about trying out new food or new food combinations? I’m not too rigid when it comes to food, I’m open to try out new food once in a while. I can taste the food but I cant promise that I will finish a plate if I don’t like it. Today I am sharing with you some weird food combinations that people find enjoyable, probably this can give you new food ideas or totally gross you out. I asked around and these are some of the weird combinations people seem to be enjoying. I have grouped them into categories, give a trial or It’s a no for me. I have also given a rating for each meal. 1-5, 1 being very weird and 5 being very normal. Side note, if you aren’t familiar with any of the food mentioned, do a quick google search as most of food mentioned are Nigerian meals.

Give a trial
Rice and okro: I don’t think this is entirely bad. In fact I’ve heard it’s a staple dish in some parts of the world. 3/5

source: google images

Oats and peanuts: I find this weird but I think it would taste really nice, from the different textures to taste. I sometimes have peanut butter and oats anyway. 5/5


Yam porridge and pasta: I don’t see why not. This would make a nice vegan dish. 4/5

Ice cream and peanuts: I used to have this a lot but so many people have been sleeping on this gem. A trail will convince you, it is so yummy 😋. Think about snickers chocolate, it isn’t bad. 5/5

source: google images

Bread and Peppersoup: the only question here is why haven’t I tried this? 5/5


Pounded yam and fish pepper soup: The thought of this meal is making me salivate. Think about it, yam and pepper soup is enjoyed by many, the only difference here is the yam is pounded. 5/5

Fries dipped in milkshake: I haven’t had this before but there’s no harm in trying it. 3/5

source: google images

Bread and plantain: I am still sceptical about this one but it reminds me of banana bread in a weird way. 3/5

pizza and plantain: I guess this would give a similar vibe to bread and plantain. apparently, it is on a pizza menu in Nigeria. Trust Nigerians to eat any and everything with plantain. 3/5

source: google images

It’s a no for me

Pineapple on pizza: people like this apparently, I don’t see myself eating it ever. The image below looks so appetising I cant deny but I’ll pass 2/5

source: pizza and pineapple

Cornflakes and garri: thinking about this gives me headache. Why would anyone eat this? 1/5

Melted chocolate on pizza: what is the problem really? 1/5

source: google images

I saw this picture after I gave chocolate on pizza that rating, I must confess it looks really nice and I must give it a try. I’m a sucker for most things chocolate.

Bread and mango: do you take a bite of bread then mango next? I need answers. I need to stop jumping in conclusions and see images before I say I’ll never try things. This looks so good. 2/5

Asaro and Eba: what next? Zombies take over the world? To be fair though, there’s a delicacy in Ijebu which is eba and Ikokore. Ikokore is made from water yam. Therefore, asaro and eba can’t be so bad 2/5

Avocado and garri: This is a staple dish in some parts of the world, I just cant wrap my head around this combination. 1/5

Noodles and beans: when someone told me about this, I couldn’t picture it, my brain can’t process this information. 1/5

Pasta and milk: I never knew this day would come. when did this become a thing? I was randomly scrolling through my Instagram the other day and saw this combination. Definitely on my never try list. 1/5

source: Instagram @inidimaokojie

At the end of the day who am I to decide what food is weird? if you like eating anything buy any means start eating. let’s face it, they all have the same destination, our bellies, just that some combinations will leave you rolling in the toilet, yikes. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the post today. if you have any weird food combinations you enjoy eating, leave a comment below. Thank you for reading

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