See what quarantine has caused 👀

A lot of things has happened in the last few weeks and more things are still unfolding. It is like we are living an apocalypse movie no one prepared us for. I’m sure everyone wants to know when this nightmare will come to an end. While we wait for some divine intervention, i appeal to everyone to act responsibly by social distancing, practise safe hygiene measures like washing hands, sanitising everywhere and everything and practising mental sanitation too. When the news becomes too much for you, distract yourself with movies, books, phone calls etc. Just do whatever it takes to survive.

Quarantine and the lockdown has brought about the birth of so many different things that we don’t pay attention to ordinarily. The post today will be about the different patterns and trends that have people have adopted to survive during this lockdown period.
I’m in awe whenever I’m online everyday. The level of creativity floating around is unbelievable. Parents are coming up with creative ways to entertain their kids. Entertainers are showcasing their skills like never before. This quarantine has led to the birth of new skills from podcasting to blogging to cooking to dancing to public speaking, the list goes on and on. People are coming up with new ideas daily. It is uplifting to see so many people being creative in a difficult time like this.

source: google images. I feel like people have been having this drink lately, I love it.

Have you noticed that everyone is now a fitness enthusiast? I don’t blame anyone, it is difficult to be stay active while being on a lockdown. Kudos to everyone taking their fitness seriously and getting some form of workout done.

source: google images. This is how must be people look everyday, working out in their living rooms or whatever space in available at home.

Quarantine has forced us to be more social. Our usual normal lives is so fast paced that people don’t have enough time to socialise and catch up with friends and family. The quarantine has allowed for downtime like never before. Everyone can play catch up, thanks to technology, we can virtually keep in touch and use the free time to bond. I personally think we should make use of this opportunity well because I strongly believe life after this pandemic will be very stressful.

Can anyone boast of a stable sleep pattern these days? Quarantine has distorted everything. People going to bed at 3am, it’s just messy🤦🏽‍♀️. I miss the orderliness of our normal lives.

source: google images

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime have been playing a major role in helping us survive. Imagine if this pandemic was in the 1900s without social media, video calls, food deliveries and the likes, life would have been so difficult. Therefore, we are grateful for this era and have cause to be thankful.

source: Instagram @worldstar

Another thing quarantine has caused is the endless visits to the fridge. Being at home every time means eating more. I am not complaining about this because there’s food to eat. So many people are on the opposite end of this table and are struggling to feed during this lockdown, it breaks my heart so much that people are starving.

There’s a lot of flirting going on as a result of this lockdown. The truth is, people are bored and will talk to anyone to help them get through this lockdown. My advise is, everyone should be prepared for ghosting afterwards 😂. The flirting might lead to some genuine relationships after the lockdown too. Time will tell eventually.

source: google images

Quarantine has given Instagram live purpose. In my opinion, Instagram live was struggling to be relevant before but quarantine has changed all that, the platform has become very essential to interact with a group of people at the same time. Instagram live twerkers have been born in different parts of the world 😂😂, online classes are being taught via the platform etc.
There are also different challenges floating around too from workouts challenges to transformation etc. Challenges are interactive and can help improve your bond with people and networking skills.

Who knew how impactful barbers, hair stylists, nail technicians and the entire beauty industry could be? So many people are beginning to look different. I am getting caveman vibes 😂😂. The fact is no one cares, we are all trying to survive and physical appearance shouldn’t bother anyone too much. So please go easy on yourselves and embrace your natural beauty. Guys you may want to give up on that fade and cut it all off for now 😌.

source: google images

A lot of people no longer have jobs and are struggling to survive right now. If you still a job, do the most to maintain your job. Additionally, people are improving and updating their skills everywhere. It will be very competitive post covid-19 era. Unfinished tasks are being completed, people are redecorating their homes.
There’s a lot of prayer chains being formed and online services being organised by different religious groups.
Very importantly, it is good to remember that this lockdown is not just a vacation from reality and some people have been affected terribly by the virus and lives have been lost in the process too. Let’s be kind and helpful anyway we think we can. Kudos to all health practitioners doing their part to take care of the sick, I pray they are rewarded 🙏🏾.
I think the most important thing we can take from this quarantine and lockdown is we are all trying to survive one way or the other. One day covid-19 will be a thing of the past. let us all remain prayerful, I cant wait to be able to move around freely again. How has the lockdown affected you so far? Feel free to share in the comment section below. I hope you have enjoyed reading this. See you all next time ❤️.

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