You give me bad vibes

Hello everyone, I am sure you are all aware of the global pandemic attack on our planet right now . Covid-19 has brought a ridiculous bad vibe to 2020 and I’m gutted by the extent of damage this virus has done to our already fragile earth. I’m hoping everything is restored back to normal soon.

I figured since a major bad vibe is trending and majority of us are trying our best to avoid this deadly corona virus, it would be nice to write about other things that seemingly stresses us normally and see how insignificant they are now that the human race is struggling to stay alive.

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The first is arguably the most hated B word. Bills, they come in different forms and amount, sometimes weekly, monthly, yearly. No matter how rich you are, there will always be bills and no one likes paying them but we must unfortunately 😩🤦🏽‍♀️.

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Gaining weight is definitely another bad vibe. Weight gain is a respecter of no one or gender, once you slip with your workouts and healthy eating, it becomes inevitable. weight gain can also be as a result of hormones or a disorder in the body. Unfortunately, people seem to cause unnecessary pressure and panic for others by reminding them about their weight gain at every opportunity, that can be another bad vibe in itself.

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Another trusted bad vibe is sickness. Everyone hates being sick. Having good health is such a blessing. So many people have terminal diseases and everyday they live in fear that they might die soon or experience so much pain. It is such a bad vibe.

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Everyone knows body odour and mouth odour is such a bad vibe, people will avoid you like a plague. Having good hygiene is very important. It’s so embarrassing to have body or mouth odour 😷.

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Being around some people just gives you a weird vibe, they always have something to complain about and you just feel drained and heavy around them. sometimes, you see that they never have anything good to say about anything or anyone. such people should be avoided because they are bad vibes.

what do you think about people with a strong sense of entitlement? I find such people annoying and honestly I wouldn’t such people in my space. They don’t appreciate things and it is super draining.

Snoring is also a bad vibe, although this is most times beyond our control. It’s just really frustrating for people that have to stay awake because other people are snoring.
Ladies let’s face it, wigs are such a bad vibe. This is why most people yank them off once they get home. It’s so uncomfortable, beauty is really pain 😩. I just want my head to breathe pls.

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Some relationships can also be bad vibes, there are so many instances to show that a relationship is giving off a bad energy. If you feel you can’t be yourself around them, you always feel the need to impress them or act a certain way because they are around, it is a bad vibe. Sometimes you might be yourself but you realise there’s no value being added to you or your partner. If you can notice your partner drifting apart from you, When the communication is getting forced etc. Those are signs of bad vibes. Think about it, is that a good way to live?

Unavailability of your regular barber and you are forced to try a new one is a major bad vibe. The outcome might be nice but it causes anxiety for a lot. I know some guys that would rather remain bushy than change barbers.
Another b word that brings bad vibes is bra. Honestly I know the breasts looks really good when packed up but the titties scream for freedom every time. Personally, I never wear a bra at home. I want to be as free as possible in my house. Bra gives me bondage vibes 😩😂.
Slow internet is such a bad vibe, I know we’ve all experienced at some point. It is so frustrating!

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The list is endless and I’ll love to read what gives you bad vibes in the comment section below. I pray for healing for those affected by the covid-19 virus and protection for us all. I’ll be back with a new post soon. Don’t forget to like, comment and share. Thank you for reading.

4 responses to “You give me bad vibes”

  1. Great write-up 😊👍


  2. thevisaproject avatar

    Well, I think I have started gaining weight. That’s for sure. Nice writeup.


    1. Thank you 😊. The weight gain is out to get everyone 😩


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