Meet the conquerors

Permit me to write mission accomplished. I’ve been sulking all month, I struggled to achieve many goals but I was quite consistent with my blog I guess. Managed to put out at least one post per month. So, kudos to me and cheers to a new year in advance. Let’s focus on the last post for the year and maybe keep my reflections for my personal journal.

I think the best time to talk about food is the festive season. Let’s face it, everybody wants to stuff their faces and have fun during the holidays. I’ve personally open my stomach to all things food related till the second of January, then I’ll slowly transition to a more healthy diet. I believe everyone has that particular food that doesn’t appeal to them no matter how well it’s prepared. Today I’ve decided to put together a list of food that doesn’t tickle my taste buds no matter how good it is.

I’ll call these foods “conquerors” because no matter how much I have tried to love them, they seem to have other plans for me, said plans sometimes involves me puking, toilet trips and other nasty things to my taste buds.

The first is Mac and cheese. I don’t know why people hype this meal like it is the giver of life. I feel like I’ll receive some backlash for including it on this list. The first day I tasted this meal, I was so disappointed. I have tried it on different occasions and it’s a no from me.

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Sushi: I don’t particularly hate this food but I’ll never leave my house to a restaurant with hopes of getting sushi. It isn’t a food I crave. It gets a 4/10 from me and that’s me pushing it.

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Semovita: when I was young and didn’t have a say about the dishes/ meals provided, I didn’t have a choice than eat. The story is different now, I would never knowingly eat semo . I honestly can’t stand it and don’t understand why my mum made me eat this ever ☹️🤦🏽‍♀️.

Minced pie: this is the perfect definition of deception. My first and only experience with this pie stems from a place of pain. I bit into it and the taste was so unexpected🥺. Why was it sweet/fruity? I expected something savoury and meaty. It was too shocking. No food has the right to shock me like that anymore.

Pickles: I was sold on pickles as a result of how people ate them in movies. I was so desperate to try it. The day I did, I definitely threw up🤦🏽‍♀️🤮. If you think I would ever taste this joke again, then you must really be hate me. I found it really awful .

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Mustard: Do people really like mustard or am I tripping? It isn’t really food but it belongs in the food category. This sauce can’t find a friend in me. I find it very disturbing. I can only handle two drops of it at most.

Lasagne: Hmmn,this is one meal I find rather interesting. The taste isn’t awful but I don’t like it. It’s a meal that I won’t ever buy nor attempt to make but I can taste it if you make it. The issue is cheese. I don’t like cheese in excess. I can eat a cheese burger, pizza, grate some cheese over my pasta but when a food is too cheesy, count me out.

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Poached eggs: Poached eggs doesn’t appeal to me. The fact that it’s been cooked outside it’s shell irks me. There are so many other options to make eggs and I’m happy to try those ones. The first day, I tried poached eggs, I didn’t like them. I was so unimpressed, it is definitely not worth the hype, next pls.

Brussels spout:You know how people struggle to eat their veggies? I’m not one of those people, I actually like them but Brussels spout. I find the taste and smell offensive 🤢.

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Nkwobi: I’m still not certain that this should be on the list. I’ve tried it once and the experience wasn’t pleasant. In retrospect, I think the lady that prepared it didn’t do a fantastic job because everyone around didn’t seem to enjoy it.

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With all being said, if you ever see me eating or ordering these meals, remember I am human and we are all subject to change. I remember having a strong dislike for avocados in the past, now it is one of my favourite things to have for breakfast.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember any other food I don’t like for now. What food is making your food fail list? Please share below. Compliments of the season and see you all in the new year.

4 responses to “Meet the conquerors”

  1. Ademola Balogun avatar
    Ademola Balogun

    In all honesty we should all make a Tshirt that says “I HATE SEMO” just to spite our parents…But the Nkwobi issue is dicey, it’s either your complain was on point and you were a lil bit triggered by the deceit of that wood bowl with the quantity of the beef…. Well can’t relate with other food because of my proximity and it’s availability but if I have to go on an adventure lane to find restaurants in Lagos that makes those, it will be on the high side and I’m not in the mood to waste thousands of naira just to regret the taste…


    1. I totally support the I hate semo T-shirt movement 😂😂. I’ll like to give Nkwobi another chance for the sake of culture. When you eventually try the others, pls let me know your experience, thanks


  2. “4/10 from me and that’s me pushing it.” I think your definitely pushing it, more like 2 and that 2 is for the creativity in the presentation lol. Nice write up.


    1. Thank you, they get a strong 2 then 😩😂


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