Can we work together?

Ever since I’ve had the opportunity to make some money, I’ve always treated you as my first priority. I feed and clothe you always. I buy you expensive things I can afford. I treat you with love and respect in most cases. I shower you with praise and kind words, I comfort you when you are down or lonely.

In situations where everyone were quick to judge you, I accepted you and gave you freedom to express yourself. I gave you the independence needed to be a person you are proud of. When I felt we needed to be cautious, I put in the effort to ensure you are flourishing. I’ve created an environment for you to grow. I have nurtured you to seek validations from no one but be strong all by yourself.

We’ve had our rebellious phase, I left you to be the rebel you wanted to be. I allowed you make your decisions. You treated me like a stranger and stung me with your actions. I felt aggrieved and resentment towards you. Regret and betrayal for your decisions to hurt me. Even through our rough patch, you never really left, you stood by me. I couldn’t keep hurting, I needed you back with me. I wanted you to keep working with me.

I made a decision to love you again. To give you all the attention you deserve. I’ve known you since I’ve been in existence and will be with you till I’m no more.

My body, please ride with me. We are still young, don’t keep causing me pain, please don’t give up on me. We will always have each other, please push me to grow too. Retain the nutrients you need and push out the unwanted. We will work together forever. I love you always.

This satire is for me and anybody that thinks their body is working against them. If you are working so hard to attain that weight goal, the fit body, fighting that sickness etc . Hang in there, don’t be too much in a hurry, give your body some time to grow and flourish. One day your body will yield. Keep pushing the limits. Our mind is the limitation in most cases.

Quick question, in the beginning of the post, did you realise I was referring to the human body? Pls leave your comment below.

Thank you for reading ❤️.

2 responses to “Can we work together?”

  1. Ademola Balogun avatar
    Ademola Balogun

    Yeah I knew…..17 seconds into the read and I’m like oh yeah she’s eulogizing herself


    1. Lol I thought I was being cryptic 🤦🏽‍♀️😂


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