Your lipstick colour defines you💄

Ok I admit the topic is a bit dramatic, it isn’t that deep😂. Colours however, have a distinct way of affecting us subconsciously. For my masters, I studied marketing communications and I learnt how colour association impacts adverts. Beyond advertising, You don’t have to be a professional to know colours can impact your mood. If you have a few minutes to spare, do a quick google search on colour psychology and you’ll be amazed by the wealth of information there. On the blog today, I’ll be writing how my lipstick choices makes me feel and I’m sure most ladies can relate. Guys get involved too, know how your woman’s lipstick choices affects you.

Nude lipstick ( natural, true self) What plays in your mind when you decide to wear a nude lipstick🤔? I personally want to look approachable. Nude lipstick indicates, I want to be myself. Additionally, when I wear a nude lipstick, I am having an effortless beauty kind of day. Not every day glam, some days subtle is nice. Nude lipstick also makes me feel comfortable. My comfort zone is nude lipstick. I am secure in it. On a first time date, if I will most likely wear a nude lipstick. It is my most reliable lipstick colour and will always have a room in my makeup purse. Most important tip about nude lipstick will be finding the shade that works for you 😊.

Red lipstick (sexy, In control) I love the way red commands attention. I only started wearing the colour red about two years ago. I wish I liked the colour sooner. It compliments my skin tone beautifully. Unto lipsticks, when I wear red lipstick, I want to feel sexy, I also want to have all the attention to myself. The way red lipstick pops, it makes me feel in control, classy and feminine. If I wear red lipstick on a date, there might be a little flirting going on 😉. Blue tone red lipsticks are my absolute favourite e.g ruby woo by Mac.

Brown lipstick (nude’s alter ego, serious) I don’t know why I wasn’t introduced to brown lipsticks sooner 😩. I wear a brown lip often, it gives me don’t try nonsense with me vibes. I feel like a put together woman when I wear this lip colour. You can’t just approach me when I have this lip colour on. This lip colour commands respect. If I wear this lip colour on a date, I definitely rate you, i feel like I look intimidating with this lip colour.

Purple lipstick (mysterious) Not many people can pull this lip colour off, luckily, I’m not one of those people. I am a different woman with a purple lip. When I have a dark purple lipstick on, I feel sensational, exotic. Fact is you can’t tell what I’m thinking when I have this lip colour on. Am I happy, moody, excited? I don’t wear this lip colour often but purple will always have my heart 💓.

Pink lipstick ( ultimate girly girl, definitely flirty, fun) I just feel this lip colour just screams girly girl. I used to like pink lipsticks but I just don’t think it suits me anymore. It explains why I don’t own any pink lipstick in my collection right now, I will buy one. Girls that wear pink lipsticks are fun and flirty and typically happy girls. I get naïve vibes from pink lipstick.

So do you feel the same way when you wear these lipstick colours? There are so many other colours but these are the colours I wear often. I know you are wondering, what my favourite lip colour is, it is nude obviously 😉. Men do you think your women behave differently when they have a particular lipstick shade on? To conclude, sometimes I just want to wear a lipstick that compliments my outfit and none of this comes to mind at all 😂😂. I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Please leave a comment and share with others. Thank you for reading 💄.

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