I sleep with makeup on…

I really don’t sleep with makeup on, it is very uncomfortable, unhealthy and damaging to the skin on the long run. On days I’m extremely tired, I try to use some makeup wipes if I can’t wash my face. I have slept with it on once this year though, I had just come back from a party, tipsy and very tired, couldn’t be asked to wipe my face. I woke up looking like I had just wrestled a bear, makeup smear all over and the whole look was just messy. Why did I choose the title 🤷🏽‍♀️? I’m sure you are wondering and probably rolling your eyes 🙄 at your screen right now. I promise there are so many people that sleep with a full face of makeup regularly.

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I have this male friend that I gist with regularly and just chat about the most random things. I was minding my business about two weeks ago when a message came in from him. He wanted to find out if I had seen my friends without makeup and I was like obviously, who hasn’t? That was when he loaded with some juicy gossip. Apparently, he has some friends that have never seen their friends without makeup. He also told me about another friend that claimed that no one has ever seen her without makeup. She also confirmed that she goes to sleep with her boyfriend with a full face of makeup. I wish I could share the screenshots but it isn’t necessary . First of, I asked him where he’s meeting these weird people. After joking about it and him lamenting that women are deceptive and love masks, I thought about the gist thoroughly, my conclusion is it all boils down to self love.

I think self love, acceptance and confidence all belong to the same group. I am a makeup lover, I am part of the people that just go on youtube to watch makeup videos and I appreciate a good transformation video. I understand we sometimes need the glow and lift makeup gives . However, I believe that it must never get to the stage that we can’t let people see us without makeup. Truth is I’m barefaced 95 percent of the time. Thankfully, I haven’t really struggled about accepting my no makeup face. However, there are so many people that feel insecure about their looks and try to use makeup to mask it. You cannot keep hiding your face under makeup every time. It is unhealthy for the skin and damaging to your self esteem and confidence.

real face 🙂

Fact is, we must never allow anything fleeting as makeup have power and influence over us. I think it is important to look in the mirror daily and just appreciate our beauty in its natural form. Self reassurance is very important. If you can’t see beauty in yourself, how do you except anyone else to see it? This is why, I like this saying, “focus on what you can control, leave what you can’t”. You can’t control what everyone has to say about you but you can control your thoughts. Therefore, think positive, happy, beautiful thoughts that will make you love yourself and leave others to think what they like.

It is also important that as ladies we surround ourselves with people that have positive things to say. I always appreciate people that compliment me when I’m barefaced. It reinforces my confidence. If you find yourself in a position to boost someone’s ego, it isn’t a bad thing to do so once in a while. It is also important that we don’t seek validation from people before we accept our beauty, you validate yourself and others will follow.

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To wrap up this post, remember your face is not a mask, let your face breath. Please don’t sleep with your makeup. Don’t let anybody make you feel like you need makeup to look beautiful. If you have such people around they are toxic. It isn’t every time you step out of the house you need makeup. If your have a rough skin or acne prone skin, work on it, so you won’t feel insecure about your face. You are beautiful all by yourself. keep your eyes 👀 peeled for my next post. Thank you for reading xo.

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