Ultimate autumn and winter essentials

I’m honestly not a big fan of the autumn and winter seasons. Growing up in a tropical country (Nigeria) has made me develop a strong liking for the sunny and warm weather. surprisingly, I find myself complaining about the weather during the warm months. How can we ever satisfy human beings? Well I guess we are insatiable. Now that the weather is still bearable as it isn’t so cold, I’ve decided this is a perfect moment to write about my autumn winter essentials. Hope you find this post useful as we brace ourselves for the cold.


I love how people switch up their wardrobes in the colder months. There are so many different accessories to play with. Scarfs, boots, hats, coats, gloves etc, the opportunities are endless. It is inherent to invest in two coats for the autumn and winter months. The first one should be light weight; this is what you will reach out for in the autumn months as it isn’t so cold yet. The other coat should be as thick as possible, that should be your winter coat. Obviously, if you aren’t big on fashion just the two suggested coats are adequate for the season. However, fashion lovers can opt to get a variation of coats in different colours and styles to switch up your looks.

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It is also good to invest in good layering and transitional pieces in the autumn months. There are so many affordable pieces on the high street and they go a long way in keeping you comfortable. This is also the perfect time to switch from the tank tops, halter necks etc to knit wears, cardigans and those chunky clothing.

In terms of shoes, I like comfortable shoes all year round and my go to are trainers. I like how comfy and stylish they are to wear. Sometimes I switch things up with boots here and there but ultimately, I find trainers easier to wear in the autumn/winter months. When buying shoes for the colder months consider buying shoes with grips as it tends to get slippery.

I really like makeup looks/ nails and the colour scheme for the colder months. They are usually darker, warm tones, cosy, festive and just gorgeous. I love the burgundy’s, browns, sage greens, khaki, reds, burnt orange, rust, blacks etc. You can easily incorporate some of these colours in your wardrobes and makeup and instantly rock the autumn look.


This season is often referred to as flu season. I have already had my share of flu this season. You must ensure; you are taking care of yourself all year round but most especially in the colder months. You can do this by ensuring you are keeping warm always, don’t skip your vitamins, eat fruits and vegetables. Get a flu jab if you can, drink more water.

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You can also spice up the food you make this season, incorporate some spicy food like ayamashe, peppersoup, chilli con carne, warm ginger, lemon and honey drink, hot chocolate, tea etc.


You don’t want to be the person walking around with ashy skin, it is childish 😊and not a good image for anybody adult or child. Ensure you invest in a good moisturizer that will keep your skin glowing. I have an insanely dry skin, so I double moisturise sometimes triple moisturise, I’m sorry but I won’t take chances. I would rather be dripping moisturisers than be ashy.

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A good way to keep the skin glowing and fresh is to exfoliate the skin as we tend to have a lot of more dead skin cells to shed in the cold weather. Exfoliating your skin will help maintain a youthful glow.

Furthermore, your lips are very delicate in the colder months. It’s unbelievable how dry the lips get. I always try to have some form of lip balm on me to moisturise them. I scold my male friends that would rather lick their lips every minute than invest in a lip balm. They are some muted lip balms that don’t keep the lips shiny.  Guys please it is better to have the lips looking moisturized than looking dry. Girls don’t even mind guys with shiny lips if that’s your concern for not using a lip balm.

Still on the issue of moisturisers, please lets all invest in some form of hand cream. Honestly, I lowkey think the colder months tries too hard to make us look rugged, we just want to be fresh ☹. It is annoying when you are commuting or just anywhere and you peek at your hands and they are just giving you casket vibes. Therefore, keeping your hand cream handy is essential, nobody wants to have dry hands. It is very embarrassing.

Another essential is tissue. I don’t know if other people experience this but personally, once I step out in the cold, my nose gets moist. It is so annoying that sometimes it trickles down. Imagine how frustrating it is, to have your nose moist and trickling and you have nothing to clean it with. Keeping your tissue handy will be very convenient.


One of the best parts of autumn and winter is how cosy and relaxed you get. You can easily get yourself in a cosy mood with a few of my favourite essentials. A fluffy robe is my absolute favourite. Once I throw this on, I instantly feel warm and cosy. I also like to wear a fluffy socks and slippers around the house. On some really cold days, I like to have my hot water with me. I like to play some good classic music, watch nice movies or read a book and have a hot chocolate drink. If you have this ensemble going on, trust me you’ll have a cosy and relaxing home stay. Bonus if you have someone to cosy up to but if you don’t you will also be fine. Candles are also a good way to keep the house cosy, not really a candle girl but it does keep the house cosy and warm.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, I will like to hear from you. What are your absolute autumn and winter essentials? Feel free to drop a comment below. Thank you for reading xo.

2 responses to “Ultimate autumn and winter essentials”

  1. Burgundy & rust are my go-to fall colors! Fall is definitely my favorite season, thanks for sharing!


    1. I prefer the warmer months but I really love burgundy. Thank you for reading😌.


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