Shooting your shot gone wrong

I’m loving how liberated women are in our generation. We are finally beginning to live our lives whilst ignoring societal judgements. Shooting your shot as a woman is still quite difficult to hack 😩. Why do men have all the power to decide they want to date you but as a woman, you have to wait to be asked 🙄. I am pro shoot your shot but please, I do not endorse proposing to a guy. Let’s leave that to the guys and if you must propose to your man, who am I to stop you? kudos to you 😅.

Quick personal embarrassing moment (story time)
I was being brave one time at school. I had an insane crush on one guy . He and I were in the same friends group, he was studying a different course, but we took some classes together. we also had mutual friends, so we would all spend time together. I thought there was a connection. whenever we all linked up, me and the guy would have our little conversation on the side, I read all the signals wrong 🥴😅. My friends were aware of my crush and they were supportive. Anyway, we were at this party one evening and I was motivated by my friends and some liquor , yes Ronke go for it 🙄😂, you should tell him now! It was like all those movies you watch🤦🏽‍♀️. Lo and behold, I went to declare my undying love for the guy and I got hit with the I see as just a friend line 😱🙆🏽‍♀️. Please floor open and swallow me now. Surprisingly, our friendship wasn’t affected, I’m sure he just assumed that it was the liquor talking that night😂💃. I know girls suck at shooting their shots. I personally don’t like to be too forward when it comes to showing a guy that I’m interested in him. If it’s in a physical space where we both are, I can be bold and give a compliment, or say something remotely nice that involves the guy and hopefully the guy carries on with the conversation. I feel like giving a compliment makes the guy realise that you’ve checked him out and you like what you see, so that will steer the conversation to a meaningful direction. As opposed to talking about the weather or politics or something vague . You’ll just find out that you’ve been placed in the friends zone, which serves you right 😜. Disclaimer, it isn’t everyone i compliment that I’m interested in 😁.

If it’s the internet, I think smileys are great ice breakers. Obviously I won’t just send a dm with a smiley, that will be very absurd and awkward. You’ve got to be tactical, you might be in luck and he posts a funny meme, that’s your window right there. Slide in the dm with some sort of smiley and add a comment that relates to the post, he will most likely reply. How you will get the conversation to lead to you expressing your feeling is between you and him, I’m sorry I can’t help. Perhaps I’ll steal your tips if you share them in the comment section. Anyway, I think I’ll try shooting my shot again. May the odds be in my favour this time. I’ll love you all to share your shooting your shots story with me.

Thank you for reading, see you next time. Pls share your tips with me ladies, how do you shoot your shot? It’s cuffing season, someone might find your tips useful. Pls don’t forget to read, comment and share with others.

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