Explore Brighton with me

Every time I hear anybody say anything about Brighton, they never miss an opportunity to make a remark about its beautiful seaside. I’ve heard nice things about the town and how friendly and expressive the people are, wanted to experience it for myself. Most importantly, I just wanted to be at a beach. To get this story started, my friends and I decided to visit Brighton.

Brighton is really bright 😌. Sorry, I had to throw in a dry joke 😜😄. When we arrived at Brighton, there was a heavy downpour, what a disappointing way to start a weekend getaway . We got in a cab and made our way to the hotel. After settling in a bit, we ordered some Jamaican food. The food was subpar 🙆🏽‍♀️😩, at this point I was already wishing I stayed back at home. After relaxing a bit, we decided to buy a few supplies from the supermarket nearby. It was no longer raining however, really windy.
We decided to explore the town a bit more but this wind was something else, it was close to throwing me away 🙆🏽‍♀️. We popped in a couple of bars to see where we could come back to chill later but they were all boring . I suspect the bad weather contributed to how boring the bars were or Friday nights are just boring in Brighton. Bad weather won this round unfortunately, we retired to our hotel and had a relaxing night in.

Saturday was a totally different vibe thankfully , the weather was warm and sunny. We decided to take the bus so we could see the city more. Quick fact, public transport in Brighton is even more expensive than London 😮🙄 but there’s free WIFI and usb charging ports on their buses so maybe the price is justified.

We made our way to some Thailand festival taking place in the city. Thailand has such a rich culture, we spent our time learning about the culture. After my little engagement with the people at the festival, it was as if they brought a piece of Thailand to Brighton. Thailand has always been on my wish list of places to visit in the future, I’m glad I was able to experience a bit of Thailand here in Uk and will be visiting in the future. Of course, my period arrived days earlier than usual. The cramps were unreal, It was at this point, I accepted that this getaway was being sabotaged 😩.

Luckily our hotel wasn’t far from the city center. We went back to the hotel, I rested a little and we changed and went to the beach to relax. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Everywhere was so calm, it’s a rocky beach but beautiful regardless. For someone making so much noise about the beach, I didn’t even get close to the water. I’m scared of the sea 🌊. I can’t swim and just get really scared. Anyway, I sat down very far from the water and just took in everything, best feeling.

After staying for a while and taking an insane amount of pictures, we decided to have a late lunch. Just across the beach 🏖, we saw a restaurant that claimed to have the best fish and chips and decided to have lunch there. The food was phenomenal and very tasty. After lunch we headed back to the hotel to rest.
In the evening, we went on the British Airways i360. This is a pod and it gives an amazing view of the city. If you’ve ever been on the london eye or the shard in London, the i360 gives a similar vibe. After our viewing we went off to enjoy the night life.

view from the pod

On Sunday, we had an early start, we had to go back home. We had a quick look at some shops and did a little shopping, said our goodbye to the city. I’m gutted that we didn’t get to do much but at least, we chilled at the beach which was our main mission for the trip anyway. So I guess you are wondering, London or Brighton which do I prefer? You are right, the answer is London. This city has my heart. Have you ever been to Brighton? What is your take on the city? Thank you for reading and see you all soon.

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