Diary entry 1: All the fitness struggles women think about

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Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while, but I’m back now. I have decided to start a diary entry series on the blog. I will feature a diary entry every month on this platform. I hope you enjoy it. This post is an interesting piece. It is a combination of fragments of different women’s thoughts and struggles with their fitness journey. Every woman can relate to at least one sentence in this post. I have written this post in an orderly way from realisation stage, to action to result/acceptance stage . Each sentence is what I’ve heard from other women or read somewhere or researched on or personal statements. I’ve brought them all together in this diary to show that we are all struggling and need to constantly remind ourselves that being fit should be a lifestyle and it’s ok to keep trying. The message this post is passing across is every woman is self conscious about her body; we are in this together. Everything good comes with consistency and hard work . Most importantly self love will always be the best image booster.

(Realisation: Unexpected weight gain mystery’s )

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My waistline is a mess. I’m tired of sucking in my tummy to get the perfect angles for my pictures. I just want to have a flat stomach. If I wasn’t plagued with the carbs curse I would have the perfect body. I don’t even have kids and I’m so out of shape. If only, my metabolism wasn’t this slow, everybody would be in trouble. I don’t feel sexy, can’t be naked when my man is around. When did my arms get so big? I used to be so sexy in my early twenties. This thigh rub is driving me crazy. These kids have ruined my body.

Action: With hard work and consistency comes success)

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Are human beings supposed to eat Brussels sprouts 🤮🤮? Urgh, waist trainer again today, this is not the life I signed up for. Is liposuction even worth it 🤔? I heard fat freeze is the way to go…. Eating vegetables and chicken all week 😅. I just need a little pick me up, think I’ll order pizza tonight😌. Yes! I have the perfect hack, I just need to drink 8 glasses of water daily. Why must I pee every second? Sigh 😔 I missed gym again tonight. There’s no way I’m going on the stair master, that machine belongs in hell. Why are there so many people training at the gym in the evenings anyway? I’m changing my training time to mornings, I’ll be more productive that way. Waking up early is really a struggle, perhaps I should consider yoga 🧘‍♂️. Wow there’s a new lunch place around, I bet there isn’t a gluten free meal on the menu. Why would anybody want to slow cook a meal? Wouldn’t the nutrients be lost. Omg, this protein shake doesn’t taste nice . You mean people actually drink apple cider vinegar 🤮. I think I’ll start adding lemon to my water. Why must all the yummy food be filled with carbs? This herbal tea 🍵 life isn’t for me. Ive just started my new juicing diet. Day three into the juice diet I had chips and chicken for dinner. I’m starting my keto diet tomorrow. This new diet makes me fart all the time 😷. Ava’s wedding is in two weeks, I need to look sexy… Wait you mean no pasta at all? I’m beginning to think, this weight loss is impossible.

(Results will always motivate)

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How have I lost 2 pounds 💃💃? My abs are peeking through gradually. Going to the gym thrice a week is now a part of my routine. Who knew my booty could be so peng 😉? Omg check out those thighs. Finally, a meal plan that doesn’t leave me bloated. Honestly a healthy diet is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My personal trainer is from hell. Knew we thick girls would dominate.

(Sometimes acceptance is the only thing left to do and it’s ok)

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Work and relationship stress is making me eat more. I don’t think I can become a size 10 ever again. Why are all the trendy tops cropped? No I’m not pregnant I’m just a little bigger. Not everybody will be skinny forever. I’m comfortable in my skin. Finally, pretty little thing have bigger models. I don’t feel confident. My body makes me sad ☹️. I just want one guy that wouldn’t care about my weight. If at this stage, you feel the need to start over. Pls refer to the realisation phase. Remember fitness is not a journey but a lifestyle 💪🏽. You’ve got this.

The list goes on but I’m sure you get the gist by now. Feel free to add to the diary in the comment section below. I know at least once a day i think about something written in the post, do you? Thank you for reading. Please I’ll appreciate your feedback on the diary entry series below. Is this something that you will like to see more? Don’t forget to share the post with others. i do not own rights to any image used on this post

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