London events: Cactus on the roof chapter.

Every three months or so, I’ll always see Dj Cuppy promote her cactus 🌵 on the roof event across her different social media platforms. I’d seen different pictures of Cactus on the roof event on their instagram page and painted a mental picture in my head. The curious cat in me still wanted to experience it.

What is cactus on the roof you might be wondering 🤔? I’ll share my experience with you on the blog today. Prior to ever considering attending the event, I’ve heard different mixed reviews about this event. I decided to go because a little hang out will not hurt anyone. I also wanted to have a first-hand experience of Cactus on the roof.

The first thing you need to know is, it is a ticketed event. This simply means you must purchase your ticket beforehand. You can’t purchase a ticket at the venue. The event cost £30. This is quite expensive for what it offered but the location was beautiful, a nice central location (Vauxhall) so people could commute easy and the security was impressive. So maybe the price was justified a bit. The event was due to start at 2-9pm. This was a Sunday; my friends and I took fashionably late to a different level as we arrived at about 6:15. I’ll say that was the perfect time to get there. When we arrived, there were a decent number of people there and a Dj was playing some music in the background.

Arriving at cactus

The dress code was tropical themed. I wore a floral playsuit with heels but later changed into more comfortable shoes after about an hour or so.

After viewing the location and just checking everywhere out, I headed to the bar to get a cocktail. This cost £12, all payments were done by card. No cash payment allowed. I saw Cuppy shortly after settling in for the event, luckily the place wasn’t too crowded yet. We took some pictures. She seems like a pleasant person for anybody who maybe wondering what she is like offline.

The ventilation at the venue was disappointing. Although, there were some cooling units, it barely did anything to cool the place down. A lot of people were uncomfortable and sweaty because of the ventilation situation.

Imagine you go clubbing during the day, that’s the best way I can describe the Cactus on the roof event. There was good music playing in the background and people dancing, some people were on their phones. It basically had a typical club vibe in my opinion. There was also a corner dedicated to taking pictures for people interested in making use of the props provided. I don’t advice you go for the event alone, go with your friends. I went with my friends and saw some familiar faces there too.

Apparently, Cuppy’s dad, a savvy business mogul Mr Femi Otedola was in attendance. I didn’t get to see him because, it was about that time I needed to do a quick pee in the restroom. Asides from Cuppy, some other Djs entertained the crowd.

The question now is will I attend another cactus on the roof? The truth is I personally won’t be buying a ticket anymore. However, if someone bought me the ticket I will go and have a good time. If you like a party scenery, you will find Cactus interesting.

If you have attended cactus on the roof before, feel free to share your experience with me. if you haven’t, hopefully you find something useful in this post to improve your experience whenever you decide to attend.

See you all next time, if you have any topic you will like me to write about, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading as usual.

Outfit details

Playsuit: Boohoo

Heels: Boohoo

Trainers: Nike Airforce1

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