once a father, always a father

I sometimes wonder how fathers feel knowing that they are not celebrated enough like mothers are. I know they didn’t do the difficult part,like get pregnant or child birth, but they are usually involved after childbirth. So many songs acknowledging mothers, so many days dedicated to celebrating mothers. It must hurt a little.

For every amazing dad out there feeling under appreciated, please understand that you are loved. To my father, if you are reading this, I love you beyond words. You have proven to me repeatedly that you’ll always be there for me in every situation.

I didn’t like my dad while growing up. In fact, I was scared of him while growing up, he was too strict and paranoid every time. I just couldn’t understand his principles. In retrospect, I think I was too harsh on him. If I took time to reflect properly, I would have understood that he was just trying to protect me and provide a quality life for me.

I can be on the phone with him for 15 minutes and get bored of talking, while an hour isn’t enough to keep chatting with my mum. It’s just his nature, he is a quiet man by default. Our relationship is better. No longer scared of daddy. I can communicate my feelings well. He’s also not as strict as he once was.
Daddy is very hardworking, if we got rich by measures of our hard work, he will be one of the richest men alive. He has never been behind on any bills. He sacrifices his happiness for other people’s comfort. Daddy is such an avid reader. He must read extensively daily. Serve him his portion of eba and panla and he is satisfied.

Daddy is a very timely man. When he used to take me to primary school, he was never late once. He is also organised in his own way. His favourite quote must be, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. He instilled a sense of accountability in me from an early stage. My room mates in university knew whenever he called on Sunday’s was to encourage me to go and sit in the corner of a classroom to study.

I am the apple of my dad’s eye. He will do anything for me. If you know him, you can attest to this. This is why no matter how difficult things get for me, there’s a certain calmness within me knowing I have my dad.

So today and everyday, I celebrate you. You are the best dad in the world. I wish you the best life ahead. Happy Father’s Day once again to all fathers and aspiring fathers.

2 responses to “once a father, always a father”

  1. You are very lucky to have your Dad with you.


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