72 hours

Welcome to the month of June. Can’t believe I missed the opportunity to write about my hosting duties in April. The post today will be a recap of what happened in April.

In April, I had family come visit me here in London, their primary motive for the visit was to attend an old friend’s wedding, they were in my city regardless, which means they came to visit me.


The most important duty of any host is to make your guests comfortable, entertained and spending quality time with them. My hosting duties started officially on the morning of their arrival. Fake host like me, I packed my luggage from home too and proceeded to meet them at their hotel. Interesting fact, my luggage was bigger than theirs. Let’s face it, you can host people in your city and not necessarily at home. They are a couple and would have enjoyed their privacy but, are you truly related if you don’t invade your family members space? Rhetorical question there, wasn’t expecting a response. In my defence, the visit was too short, and I had to make the most of the time. Weeks and days before their arrival, I had to do important running around the city like meeting with the fashion designer, collecting aso ebi from different destinations and just running petty errands to make their stay here stress free.

The day of their arrival was also the same day of the wedding. It was a stressful day.  Final fitting of the clothes needed to be done. I needed to get my nails done, we needed to get our makeup done. That day was one of the days I needed more than 24 hours.  Once they arrived at the hotel, I didn’t give them time to relax for more than 20 mins. We needed to start the day as soon as possible. Our first stop was the dress fitting appointment.

Americans can complain, they will ramble forever why is everywhere so far? They demanded. You have different postcodes for different streets, weird they remarked. I still don’t understand why the steering is on the right, London is too small, the water has a taste, we are not there yet? They will also try the British accent, but it will be so fake.Expect many more ramblings. Support them by smiling at intervals, nodding your head insanely and telling them we will get there soon, it works like a charm.

When we got back from the fashion designers, I had two hungry and tired Americans to cater to, we settled to have some Italian food literally just opposite the hotel. They enjoyed how authentic the food tasted and enjoyed listening to his accent, believe me when I say, one of them tried mimicking this accent throughout their stay here. Important to stress that if you are hosting people, make sure they are well fed.

Fast forward to the wedding

The couple getting married were Nigerians. Can we all just agree that Nigerians enjoy partying. This was the traditional wedding, there was a band and a DJ present at the wedding. Music started after the wedding ceremony was over and we collected our wife. We are friends of the groom.

The remaining two days were used for resting, and family visits. Saturday morning was strictly for sleeping. They finally came home with me and this time we took the train. We were ubered out ( p.s I know ubered isn’t a real word)

 Transportation in London is terribly expensive and uber is on another level of expensive. You don’t want to know the amount of money we spent on uber, it is alarming. After spending some quality time at home, we went back to the hotel. Shofflex went for the stag do. I dulled his wife and slept all through. My stomach wasn’t in the best condition. The following day was another round of family visits. Did I mention, I kept starring at Risa’s hair throughout this short visit, she has a very gorgeous natural hair which she dyed blonde. I was quick to announce to everyone that it was her real hair.

Notice, I didn’t mention any touristy stuff, they’ve been to London before and did all those. Besides there was no time to explore the city properly.

On Monday morning, my heart broke. It was time for them to leave. We said our goodbyes, I couldn’t go with them to the airport, but I pestered them to take the train rather than uber. Who knew 72 hours could pass by so quickly? Feel free to share your hosting stories with me.

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