The coward in me

Welcome back everybody, I can’t believe we are in May. This year has been super-fast. If you have any project in mind, this is the time to start and stop procrastinating.

As a lifestyle blogger, it is only fair I talk about some personal things on the blog, so my readers can feel connected to me. I was talking to my mentor two Friday’s ago, and he said, he wished he documented his life more when he was younger. He said, I will look back on the blog in a couple of years and just laugh and appreciate my growth over the years, also I will have a collection of my writings because memories don’t always last in minds forever. It is good to document things. The conversation instigated the post for today. The coward in me, this title simply translates to the things I’m not brave enough to do either as a result of morals, fear, indecisiveness or no reason whatsoever. The beauty about this post is, I can wake up in six months and have a completely different take on this list.

picture of myself, for people that don’t know what I look like

Pierce my lady parts– this is one of the things on this list that I’m certain that I will never do. It just doesn’t appeal to me. It just seems unnecessary and something that I will outgrow and regret getting eventually.

See a movie at the Cinema twice -this one is not deep at all; I enjoy watching movies more than once. I do it all the time at home. However, I can’t see a movie twice at the cinema. It’s a waste of money in my opinion. The experience of seeing it the first time can never be replicated 🤷🏽‍♀️.

Fight in a comment section on social media – I see people exchange words in the comment section of different social media platforms. It could never be me. I get so tempted sometimes I must admit, but I find it distasteful exchanging words with strangers and belittling myself that way is unacceptable. Also, if you know me personally, you can attest to the fact that I stay out of trouble always.

Dye my natural hair blonde – I don’t like being the centre of attention. I feel like everyone will be staring at me. I see this look on people all the time and it looks cute on them. I just can’t see myself with it. Although, this is one of the things on the list that can be revised.

Have a pet– Will never change my mind about this !!! Animals scare me too much. I can never have a pet. I say it all the time, if my future spouse likes animals, he will have to choose between me or the pet, I can’t stay with a pet lover unfortunately.

Drink Bloody Mary – the content of this cocktail can never make sense to me. I’ll not forgive anyone that makes me drink this🙅🏽‍♀️.

I mean, how can anyone like this? make it make sense pls

Endorse internet fraud– I’ve had my bad experience with fraudsters, and it wasn’t pleasant. Woke up one morning, going about my daily business till I realised some money was missing in my account. Thankful for a system that works. My bank was able to rectify it. It is very sad that you work so hard and someone just steals from you. Nothing can ever justify internet fraud.

Be a politician– there’s such a huge responsibility involved in being a politician. It requires a lot scrutiny from the public, I just can’t go through that stress unfortunately.

Propose to a guy– I saw a tweet one day and the lady said she will rather cook rice grain by grain than propose to a guy. I strongly resonate with that tweet. Guys should do the proposal pls. I’m old fashioned that way.

sky diving– I can never attempt this. Jumping from the sky is a big deal to me. I don’t even find it cool, I get anxiety easily and this will definitely trigger it 100%, so I’ll pass thank you.

Get a tattoo –this is because I’m very indecisive. I know, I won’t like it anymore once I get inked.

Drive a power bike– bikers are cool to watch, I find it a little dangerous, the speed, the noise, everything about power bikes makes me shiver and sends red alerts to me. I would never be caught on a power bike.

I have decided to end the post here. I hope you have enjoyed reading on some things I don’t like or won’t try. Hopefully, this post gives you an understanding on the kind of person I am. I didn’t think it will make sense to do a post on things I like because I like a lot of things.

Pls share with me in the comment section below, the things you don’t like or won’t try, thank you for reading, sorry there was no post last week, I was so overwhelmed and busy with different things. In an era where there is information overload and too many visual distractions scattered all over the internet, I am so blessed and grateful for you my readers. Thank you for your continuous support. See you next week. p.s : I do not own rights to the images above, all sourced from google images.

2 thoughts on “The coward in me

  1. Hahahaha. I actually agree with most things you don’t like except of cos blonde hair 😂, pet, skydiving and powerbike. Well done dear.


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