Is your beard a bed for bacteria?

welcome back everybody, I had an absolute fantastic Easter break! Let’s talk about an interesting and eye-opening article I read last week. I was on snapchat and I saw an interesting headline about beards on daily mail and decided to read further. My post today was prompted by this daily mail article. I’m sure we all know at least one guy that keeps his beard, could be you, your brother, uncle, husband, boyfriend, daddy, colleague at work etc. This means this post is relevant to everybody.

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The said headline is included in the picture below, it is worrisome that beards inhibit so many germs. This revelation came as a total shock to me. My thought process has always been that since the beard is on the face, it gets washed daily, therefore it is clean. (side note; we ladies that keep our braids and cornrows in for weeks, sometimes months, I can’t imagine the number of bacteria we are carrying around on our heads, God save us.)

I decided to research further on this topic, and it isn’t uncommon for beards to breed bacteria. Search beard and bacteria on google and you will find a ton of articles addressing this issue. Different studies have been conducted on this topic and it is a proven fact that keeping a beard can cause infections and spread of germs and bacteria 🦠 . Perhaps you beard gang members might consider getting a clean shave to save humanity. Ladies, this affects you too as a matter of fact, the germs are easily transferred by kissing, running your fingers through the beards or cuddling these bearded men 😂. So, you better think it through before cozying up to your bearded significant other 😟. It doesn’t end there, babies are at risk too, it might be a good idea to stop bearded men from kissing new borns or carrying them to close to their faces since babies don’t have a very strong immune system to fight germs and diseases. This is humorous to me because most guys I know that keep beards always appear to be good looking and put together, meanwhile, they are breeding bacteria on their faces, Tragic!!

who knew bacteria can look this nice?

These are some tips to help keep the beard tidy and less bacteria prone:

Wash it regularly: the texture of the beard is a lot more coarse than the hair that grows on the head, therefore it can easily trap more dirt. Give it a good wash every day. Do your research, there should be shampoo and conditioner that is targeted to beards alone. Those should do a good job in keeping the beards very clean.

Avoid touching it: it is very easy to get carried away and keep touching the face, most especially the beards. Restrain from touching the beards, think about it, our hands touch everything, which is why it is advised by health practioners to wash them regularly. So, touching your beards just transfers those bacteria from your hands to your beards.

Give it a trim regularly: honestly, you don’t have to grow a goatee and be battling looks with a goat every time (jokes). The shorter the better in this case as the it means less hiding space for the bacteria.

With all being said, it just nice to keep the beard as clean and tidy as possible, there is bacteria everywhere and there is only so much we can do. Ladies, let this post serve as a reminder to wash your hair this weekend! See you all next week and please leave your comments below. p.s: I do not own rights to the pictures used in the post, all sourced from google images.

4 responses to “Is your beard a bed for bacteria?”

  1. Damilare OLUFOWOBI avatar
    Damilare OLUFOWOBI

    Thanks for sharing. I have grown a bit older with this.


    1. Thank you. Time for a clean shave perhaps? 🙂


  2. Lol. Thanks for sharing Ronke. The essence of a proper beard hygiene cannot be overemphasized. 👍🏻


    1. You welcome! Yeah beard hygiene is the way to go.


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