Before you attend that master class

I think my favourite thing to say recently is what a time to be alive. The world surprises me daily, I can’t fathom the level of exposure to information we gain access to daily. Therefore, I’m disappointed and bothered by the attitude we put towards the reception of information made available to us. The world is so saturated with information and more resources are available daily that being ignorant is just not acceptable anymore. I see more people complaining and ranting across social media about how they wasted their money on master classes.

I have always been fascinated about the term master class and while I was thinking more critically, about this topic I decided to do a little research. I think the first step towards understanding anything is to have a bit of understanding in that area. So why is master class even a thing? Who is a master? There are so many different meanings of master but some prominent things I figured out from the word master are; authority, control, expertise, skilled. As somebody was a master’s degree in marketing communications, I can refer to myself as a master in that area. It is expected that if someone should randomly ask me certain questions in that field of study, I should be able to hold a meaningful conversation. One thing I can assure you is that I didn’t attain my masters in a day. Becoming a master takes time, effort, discipline and hard work, therefore a master class is not justifiable because you simply cannot become a master after one class. It is just another money-making means for people.

What is a master class?

This is so puzzling to me because I want to understand the concept of master classes. Does it mean that after attending a master class, I will automatically become a professional in that field? Can it also mean that since it is a professional or should I say a master that is teaching that course it makes sense to call it a master class? If you are interested in buying dreams you can allow yourself to be manipulated into thinking after one class, you will automatically become a master in a certain field.

The other day I saw an advertisement for a master class in tailoring on Instagram and I was just dumbfounded that anyone could possibly think they could gain anything profound from a single tailoring class. A simple search on google and YouTube will provide 95% of anything you can gain from this master classes.

The most popular adverts I see for master classes are usually on makeup artistry. The funny thing is most times, they don’t segregate this classes. Everybody is offered the same class, so beginners, intermediate and semi professionals are offered the same services. It clearly doesn’t make sense. Think about it, the reason we move up classes in school is because we have gathered enough knowledge at that stage and need to advance.

The funny thing is you will then be enticed by the goody bag of products and by the time you get home, if you search your hearts critically, you find out that you will have gained more on youtube and google, if you were really interested in learning. So why will a makeup class just lump everybody together? how will a beginner learn how to get the perfect brows and contouring and highlighting and all that jazz within a few hours?

Perhaps, if other terminologies are used to describe master classes like training, course, one on one class it will be more forgiving but do not use the word master class if you aren’t bringing anything new that can not be found on the first page of a google and youtube search. Saying training or course connotes that you are helping someone enhance their skill, introducing them to a new concept or helping them get better. That world master in master class is so heavy and connotes that you are offering something so profound which is simply not the case.

A supposed master class usually have nothing less than 5 students, this simply means that you are not paying everyone the ultimate attention and the time is usually limited also, therefore, it is just an impractical approach in my opinion.

With all being said, my suggestion is that master class shouldn’t be a thing, there are better choice of words to describe a class.

People should learn to research better, because no matter how impactful you think a class is, you must keep practising and learning more on the topic area. This post is not to bring anybody down or undermine any business, it is just to get us thinking about ways to train people without selling dreams. Also, we should learn to research more. The internet is a gift that keeps giving, so please consult it often. In conclusion, don’t let any goody bag trick you into attending a class you might not need. Pls confirm that the teacher is a professional before you invest your money and time into any mediocre class.

I’m really grateful for everybody that takes time to read my posts, it means the world to me. see you all next week. I will love to read your comments, feel free to engage with me across all platforms. Disclaimer, I do not own right to any picture used in this post, they were all sourced from google.

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