Summer prep checklist

We can’t control somethings no matter how hard we try, season change is one of those things. I love summer and it will forever remain my best season. Often, I find myself complaining about summer being too hot, you really can’t satisfy human beings. Has anyone noticed that millennials are obsessed with planning things? Not sure we execute as much as we plan. We are preparing for summer on the blog today and I implore you to incorporate some of these tips into your routines. If you reside in warmer climates, most of the tips apply to you so be sure to apply them daily.

Exfoliate the skin: it helps to make the appearance of the skin smooth and polished. As a person with a very dry skin, it gets worse during the colder months. A way I try to control it is by exfoliating my skin, it is very helpful in getting rid of dead skin cells. In preparation for summer, I have been exfoliating a lot more because, we all know that we show more skin in summer, you don’t want to look crusty and dry. 3-4 times a week is decent. Follow up with a moisturizer, it’s good to stay hydrated in the summer both for the skin and the body.

The body scrub I currently use is from soap and glory, there are so many alternatives in the market.

Invest in a deodorant: self-hygiene is very essential, as expected people sweat more during the hot months. You don’t want to be that person walking about with body odour, so buy a nice deodorant and apply it generously on your body. I tend to buy sure men because I like the smell and I think it lasts longer than the one for women. They also come in travel sizes, so you can get away with putting it in your bags or pocket. Let’s help London smell nice please.

Get in the sun more: I know the sun gets uncomfortable sometimes, but it has its benefits. It is packed with vitamin D, which is vital for building strong bones. We don’t get enough sun in the colder months, which is why health practioners recommend we take vitamin D supplements in the cold months. Therefore, ensure you get in the sun and let your body absolve its nutrients. This leads to my next point.

soaking in the sun

Use a sunscreen: people from every race and every gender need to protect their skin. The sun has harmful ultraviolet rays and sunscreen can help in preventing skin cancer. It is advisable to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 and above, there are different brands in the market. It can be annoying to get one that works for you as they tend to look purplish. The Tesco soleil brand works perfectly for me. I also like Nivea sunscreen.

Allergy season: I experienced hay fever for the first-time last year. It is uncomfortable, from the itchy eyes to the itchy throat, it a complete nightmare. Try and use daily tablets, they work well in providing comfort. Also invest in a good pair of sunshades.

Buy a pair of sunglasses or two: Apart from them making you look stylish effortlessly, they protect the eyes against pollen that causes hay fever, sun rays. Sunglasses are essential for summer. You don’t have to break the bank to buy expensive ones. There are nice ones in Primark, Asos, literally everywhere.

always protecting my eyes.

Buy a fan: if you don’t already own a fan, immediately after reading this post, pls buy one. Very soon they will be scarce everywhere, and you don’t want to be without a fan, trust me it’s a miserable feeling. You can also purchase the handheld one amazon or anywhere. I will be buying one too.

Keep fit: for some people like me, this advice is useless. I didn’t workout throughout the winter months, now I must deal with the consequences this summer. They include, no crop tops and no fire pictures. It is better late than never. Healthy eating can still save me from looking bloated all summer. So, I intend to start eating healthy today, if rice can just leave me alone. The lesson here is to always prepare well before summer.

Comfortable hair: I wear wigs a lot, about 90% of the time. This is because they are easier to manage compared to my natural hair. It is, however, not easy to keep straightening weaves or curling them with a flat iron. Personally, I advise you invest in a curly wig for the summer. It requires less maintenance. You just need to moisturise it and go about your business. Also cornrow braids is another convenient hairstyle for the summer. You can also wear your hair in its natural state.

different hairstyle options for summer

Practical clothes: it is time to give your jeans a break, they have served you well in the cooler months, buy clothes that are breathable and allows breeze freely into your body, so you avoid burning up.

Pedicure: both men and women wear sandals in the summer, it is a good idea to keep the feet looking as neat as possible. A pedicure will keep the feet looking clean and presentable. You can do a simple pedicure at home and you are good to go.

Have fun: let’s face it, another word for summer is fun. It is good to take advantage of the warm months to have fun. You deserve it. everybody I know has planned something fun to do this summer, I have no plans unfortunately. I honestly feel bad for not planning any activities for the summer. If you have any summer fun ideas pls share them with me.

If you have anything to add to the list, please do so below. Do you prefer the colder or warmer days? Pls leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and see you all next week.

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