Is love in the air?

I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t feel the valentines buzz. I don’t think companies are paying enough attention to the commercialisation of valentines this year. There’s so much drama everywhere that it seems to have overshadowed valentines. Take Britain for instance, this whole Brexit or no Brexit issue has consumed the British media and their attention lies there now. Nigeria is also faced with their political rollercoaster, the upcoming election is all they seem to talk about. let’s not forget the government shutdown drama in the United States. Cupid where are you anyway? You need to inject the world with love ASAP!!!

For anybody wondering, it will be a solo valentine’s for me this year. I’ve been on both sides of the coin with regards to celebrating valentines, in a relationship and single and I’ve always embraced the day wholeheartedly.
I still struggle to understand why we choose to express love and affection in flamboyant ways only for valentines. Shouldn’t love always be expressed? I know some people will argue that after all, birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated annually, therefore valentines should be treated that way. I consider this logic a flawed one. Love is one of those things that should be celebrated and expressed often. Is anybody else worried about how materialistic the world is? I love getting gifts and being pampered, but valentines should be beyond the gifts but should be a day to reinforce your love, commitment, intimacy with your significant other, friends, family and showing your self love too. You deserve it.
As valentine approaches, if you have a significant other, enjoy the season and remind each other of the love you share, be intimate and just enjoy the season. If you are single, there’s no point waiting for a guy or girl to show you love. Show yourself love, Hang out with your friends. If you still feel sad ☹️, good news is, valentines falls on a Thursday this year, go to work or school, the next day is a work day anyway 🤷🏽‍♀️. When the time is right love will come and it will be beautiful.
Personally, I haven’t planned my vals this year, however, you can be assured that food will be involved. I’ll keep you posted on my next blog.
I’m curious, how are you celebrating your vals? Maybe I can get some tips. Dear readers, I wish you all a happy valentines, remember to share love always. See you all next week and thank you for reading ❤️.

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