A lifestyle and revolution

I am always asking my parents, why I don’t have enough baby pictures and why they failed to document my life properly while I was a baby and growing up. They’ve not been able to come up with any substantial response till date.(Imagine, they didn’t take pictures when I turned one 🤦🏽‍♀️😩).

my favourite baby pic, I have less than seven

I consider this to be an inexcusable sin. It has however, taught me a valuable lesson. I’ve decided that my future kids, will have all their milestones documented and will have so many visual memories to last a lifetime.
My short story has got me thinking about how the world has evolved immensely from our parents time AKA baby boomers in comparison to us the cool kids AKA millennials .
Baby boomers are those born between the years 1946 to 1964, they are the parents to millennials .
If you were born in the 1980s and early 1990s, congratulations, that’s the definition of cool, the technical name is Millennial or Generation Y. If you want to know more about baby boomers and millennials, you might want to consult our good friend google. I’m borrowing some knowledge from my marketing background today, as I share some attributes of millennials that makes us so unique and revolutionary.

image from dsim
image sourced from : http://www.google.com

Digitally inclined: isn’t it amazing how our parents are so humble and attentive when they need help with devices, it is always so difficult for them to set them up and get a hang of it. As millennials, it comes naturally, like we have an inbuilt manual within us.
Documents everything: millennials are so into documenting things. Either through visuals on social media platforms, or written via blogs or just keeping a personal journal. For me documenting is a must. I want my walk down memory lane to be vivid.
Creative: this one is a no brainier. Everybody explores in this generation. Either through our fashion sense, beauty, singing, crafts the list is endless.
Fashion and beauty: I have to applaud the baby boomers. They were quite fashionable, however millennials recycles fashion every time and have succeeded in modifying the trends from the past, making them more wearable and appealing.
Social media: no shade, but baby boomers could never make this work even if they tried. They are  so uptight and secretive (e.g they don’t want you posting your trips and baby bump on social media😁, although, that might be a Nigerian thing) . If they had social media it would be soooooo boring. Social media has helped in opening so many doors for millennials in terms of career, meeting new people, showcasing talent, buying and selling of services etc
Owning our time : we like to pace ourselves as millennials. E.g deciding to postpone university education to pursue a career in modelling, Deciding to get married later than the expected time our parents want etc. This helps weigh our options properly before making big life changing decisions.
Appreciation of crafts: this ties in perfectly with millennials. We appreciate each craft and value ourselves more. Baby boomers paid more attention to “professional” careers like lawyers, engineers, doctors etc. Millennials are not concerned with your profession. You can be a dj, photographer, blogger, YouTuber and still be accorded the level of respect you deserve based on delivery of excellent service. This is sometimes referred to as “packaging”.
Open minded: millennials are open to exploring new things like showing genuine interests in other cultures, belief, religion, food etc.
Fitness: the pressure is on with category, millennials make conscious effort to keep fit. Personally, I struggle to stay consistent with the fit life. Most important thing is that I try. I’m trying to build my abs and tone my muscles but rice is always taking away my shine.
Relationship wise, we have to learn from baby boomers. Seems people are looking for “ made people” to be their significant other in this millennial era. The baby boomers grew together, which I think it is worth emulating.
A major fact that I think is pertinent to us as millennials is the income gap. According to various research and studies, baby boomers make more money and will always be richer than us.
The list goes on but I’ve decided to stop here.
With all being said, Point is till I’m able to teleport, I’ll say, I’m not impressed with millennials achievements (joking).
I have a strong feeling, my future kids will read this someday, and will be disappointed by this list because it will feel so ordinary and mundane to them. That’s the beauty of change. Also, Kudos to the baby boomers, they had so little to work with and managed to achieve a lot.
Finally, all I can say is what a time to be alive. There are so many resources and opportunities at our disposal. As a millennial, I constantly fear that I’m living a mediocre life. Hope we are all challenged to make an impact and motivated to do great things.
See you all next week, feel free to engage with me in comment section. What are you adding or subtracting from the list?
Thank you for reading.

2 responses to “A lifestyle and revolution”


    Lool love this and how accurate it is!!
    Still fighting for baby pictures too and I’m trying to discipline this flesh when it comes to being healthy, so here’s to the millennials who are trying to find their place in this world. My soul is half baby boomers and half Generation Y for sure.
    Great write up.


    1. Lol thanks. Hopefully they release our pics 😩😁😁.

      Liked by 1 person

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